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Kindle Review (Three parts in one Review)

Deep Immersion: A Dark Stalker Romance (Book 1) by Teresa Wolf

Deep Immersion: A Dark Stalker Romance (Book 1) by Teresa Wolf


Life has dealt her such cruel a fate. A shit-faced drunk of a father. A poor excuse of a house.

I’m here to change all that.

Lizzy can’t keep living in this squalor. Her sunshine blonde hair, deep green marbles for eyes, and that tight, juicy ass — she’s too good for this place.

She deserves the world. She deserves me. But she doesn’t see that… at least not yet. I am THE Charles Barker after all.

I’m going to get her out of here. Even if that means forcing her father to give her to me in exchange for his debts.

I want to use her.

I want to keep her.

I want an heir to my dark reign of terror.

Whatever the cost.

Whatever the risk.

Whatever it takes.

“Deep Immersion: A Dark Stalker Romance” is bestselling Teresa Wolf’s thrilling three-part series filled with uncontainable lust, wild mature themes, and graphic violence.

My Review

First part in a three book series. And be warned it ends on a Cliffhanger!! I did want to wait until I had all three books, so it’s my own fault for being impatient…..

Charles casino owner, it’s obscene how much money this guy has. He also owns a debt collection agency, and that’s how he meets Lizzy. His reaction to her doesn’t make sense, it’s violent it throws him for a curve! She So he makes plans to “have” his princess, anyway he can!

Lizzy works in a clothing store, she has a best friend and her parents, but that’s all! Everyone knows her dad is a gambler, they don’t have much, but she knows her parents love her. So it shocks and hurts her when her father accepts the offer that Charles makes with her father.

It’s a short read, but it’s intense!

Lizzy is now owned by Charles, she will live in his mansion and be at his beck and call! Lizzy is extremely naive, but she’s going to have to keep her wits about her around Charles. Charles is a shark, and a little creepy. Stalking Lizzy after he meets her, spying on her in her bedroom. He also sounds a little bit of a dick!

So can Lizzy survive in Charles’s world? And what type of relationship can these two have when they start out as a payment for a debt?


DEEP IMMERSION A Dark Stalker Romance Book 2 by Teresa Wolf

DEEP IMMERSION A Dark Stalker Romance Book 2 by Teresa Wolf

My Review

“Charles has conquered his Everest. Lizzy has agreed, albeit reluctantly, to come live with him in his mansion. What the naïve young woman doesn’t know is that this monster has more sinister sexual desires lurking underneath.”

Book 2 starts with Lizzy wondering how she’s going to cope with living with Charles….

Being his object, has given Lizzy the opportunity to see the richer side of life, but she wants more. She wants to mean more than a toy to take out and play with!

Charles still hasn’t gotten use to lizzy being there. He thinks she will leave him at the earliest opportunity. So he decides that she needs to bear his heir! Someone to carry on his legacy….

I’m both drawn to these characters, but I don’t know why! I need to find out if Lizzy can change Charles, or will his obsession for her drive Lizzy away? And when Lizzy has the chance to run, what will she do with it?

Another short story that has me wondering why this couldn’t have been just one book!

Charles being the way he is has me wanting to hit him! He treats her like an object! He’s mad with her! But why? Is it his obsession? Or could he be falling for her? Lizzy is extremely naive, and that could either work for her or against her, only time will tell……

And now we wait for the final instalment…..


DEEP IMMERSION A Dark Stalker Romance Book 3 by Teresa Wolf

DEEP IMMERSION A Dark Stalker Romance Book 2 by Teresa Wolf

Lizzy is now ensconced in Charles’s life, the sex might be great, but there isn’t a lot of communication! She now lives the life of luxury (to me it felt like a golden cage!)

Charles needs Lizzy more than ever, but I think he still holds himself away from her. And when he decides he needs an heir to his legacy, it does come across as a little cold and calculating (breeding is his favourite word)

But what will Lizzy think when her mother calls to say her father is missing? Will she believe her mother? Or can Charles get away with pulling the will over her eyes again?

Part three of the book, and I have to say I was disappointed!!It just felt so rushed. I know we have to get a lot in, and maybe we needed one more book, but it just felt incomplete.


Author Note:

I’ve been reading and writing ever since I was small, but going from princes saving princesses to sexy, strong, confident women bringing hot, possessive, dominant alpha males to their knees was quite the change!

Instead of following my dream of becoming an author (I know!), I decided to study something you’d consider ‘sensible’ for too many years.

While studying, I took every spare second to continue writing sultry stories, inspired by the many scandalous parties I went to and my dating life – which has been everything from fun one-night stands and heartbreak to finding true love.

I’ve absolutely no regrets, and nothing could hold me back from writing about every second of it!

Eventually, the mundane 9-5 took over, leaving little to no time for reading, let alone writing. Necessity pulled me from job to job, never using my ‘sensible’ degree and never getting any further.

After years of it, enough was enough and I took the leap to write full-time. It was a risk, but it’s brought so much light back into my life.

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