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Jack Stapleton and his friends rule Las Vegas. They’ve got more money than they know what to do with, and Jack can have any woman he wants­­­­—except Ellie.


Rejection. That’s what I get for trying to save a girl who obviously doesn’t want saving. 

Paying off her father’s debt so she can stop taking off her clothes for other people? That was a no brainer. Obviously, I hoped she’d fall victim to my irresistible charm. My selflessness.

But no.

I’ve offended her independent spirit, and instead of falling for me, she’s doing everything she can to avoid me. I should forget all about Ellie Masters, but I’m a sucker for her sassy smile and that fiery, luscious mouth.

I’m more than willing to take a gamble on this girl, but she’s made it clear I’m going to need more than luck to win her heart.


My momma raised me to believe that I don’t need a man. Except, apparently, I do. 

And now that I owe a debt to a billionaire, I feel sick to my stomach.

It’s not like I’ll ever be able to pay him back.

The man is richer than God, and hotter than the Devil. When he’s next to me, I just about melt.

The last thing I want is to fall for a man like that.

The problem is, I think I already have…

Publication date 1/5/2021

My Review….

Jack has a lot to prove, well just to his dead father! Nothing was ever good enough for him, and now two years later on the anniversary of his father’s death, Jack has to wonder what it’s all been about! Thank goodness he has a bachelor party for his best friend to take his mind off his musings…..

Ellie is so not cut out to be stripper! But how is she going to help her mother pay back the thousands her father ran up in gambling debts?! And to add insult to injury, a really hot guy tried to offer her a job!

I liked Jack, he seemed lonely and ready to settle down. He also thought he had things to prove! Owning the prestigious casino, Jack has nothing to prove. I liked how he kept persevering with Ellie, how he never really got cross with her.
I wasn’t sure about Ellie. She just had such a chip on her shoulder, but the more you get to know her, the more you realise she’s scared of the huge debt her father left, she’s worried about her mother, and she’s attracted to Jack, but scared of getting hurt!
Jack offers her a job in the casino to help pay off her fathers debt. And slowly he gains her trust, it’s not easy, she has such high walls up, Jack isn’t sure they will ever get further than a kiss!!

Friends of both Jack and Ellie were great. Bea was hilarious, but with a heart of gold. Ace is a bit of an idiot!! Thinking he’s gods gift to women! Asher is the one getting married (so it was his bachelor party) And Jack’s sister is a feisty one, but always there for her brother.

First book in a new series. It’s also the first time I’ve read this author. And I’m hoping to see the rest of the Vegas Kings get their stories. Would I call this an enemies to lovers? Not sure. But they definitely weren’t friends to start with……

Working has given Ellie more confidence, knowing she’s paying the debt back makes her happy. Being with Jack is everything she’s ever wanted. But an overheard conversation puts their new relationship in jeopardy!!

Can Jack really be ready for just one lady? And can Ellie truly trust the King of Vegas?


Published by jab1969

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