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Ricochet (The Rapture Book 1) by L.K. Reid

Ricochet (The Rapture Book 1) by L.K. Reid


“They should all be afraid of me now”

An assassin.
A psychopath.
A complete mess.

I’ve been called all of those and worse.
Somebody once told me that one bad chapter doesn’t mean your story is over.
Mine was just starting.
Painting me as the villain of the story and destroying everything I held dear was an easy task for them.
It was easy for him.
But the rules of the game have changed, and this time I was going to make them pay.

My name is Ophelia Aster, a girl they threw away, a girl they wanted to shatter.
They thought trapping me would set them free, but they didn’t know that the girl they used to know, didn’t exist anymore.
They threw me into the darkness, so darkness was what I became.

RICOCHET is a full-length, dark romance book, with violent themes. This book is not recommended for readers under 18 as it contains triggering scenes that some readers might find offensive. It is not a standalone book and ends on a cliffhanger.

Publication date 9/1/2021

My Review

That was totally not what I was expecting!! Wow!! Just Wow!! I’m still recovering after putting the book down. It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s wrong on so many levels!! And we hope against hope that they can find each other, that they can heal each other and themselves….

But …..


I literally have no words!!!!

Both families belong to organised crime, but I think Ophelia’s family is in deeper than Kieran’s. Ophelia’s father is a brutal and sadistic man, there was many a time in this book I would have gladly bumped him off!!

Ophelia was just a seventeen year old girl. Just trying to get through school. Doing the usual things, but an incident turns her from an innocent young girl into a cold blooded woman!

Seven years ago Ophelia was taken, tortured, abused and left broken…. But small flame ignited in Ophelia, she kept it fanned with hatred and loathing, she would have her revenge, her retribution. Her time would come, she just has to wait, bide her time……
We have points of view from both Kieran and Ophelia in this book. And I like that. I like the thought process that both are going through.

Friends and family play a big part in this book. And things that happen in this book sends shock waves through both families. There is a palpable tension through most of the book, the younger characters feel both hatred and anger towards each other’s parents and their own.

Maya and Theo (Ophelia’s siblings) are older than Ophelia, they also have secrets that when Ophelia finds out, crushes her world!!

The three musketeers AKA Kieran, Cillian and Tristan Nightingale. Cillian and Kieran are twins, but there is a darkness in Cillian that Kieran just can’t get through.

Ava is Kieran’s little sister, so the whole dating your little sisters best friend is out of the question. But Ophelia has been harbouring feelings for Kieran for a while now, and Ava knows about it, but she also knows Ophelia can’t have him, he doesn’t DO relationships! (And there is a reason for that)

When faced again with her captors, her tormentors, her abusers, they think they have their little bird back, but they don’t! In fact Ophelia is going to turn the tables on them…. going to give them a taste of their own medicine!!

Romance? There was, but it gets destroyed, totally ripped apart. And you can’t help feeling sorry for both Ophelia and Kieran!! It’s never going to be the same again! Kieran and Ophelia have a love hate relationship. Both the characters have fallen in love with each other over time. But at first neither can admit it. Then they realise they are meant to be together, but as this is a dark romance, it’s not going to be that simple. And it’s not! It’s totally trashed, it’s never ever going back to where it was…..

Loss can cause such pain that it changes you. And when Ophelia and Kieran lose their love for one another, hate is all that is left in its stead!

This book is just one car crash after another, I got whiplash just trying to keep up. How could anyone person survive all that? I think I would have curled up and died! So many secrets. So many lies. Betrayal after betrayal. And how can they forgive one another? They can’t!

End on a cliffhanger? Yes it does. And it’s a good one…..


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