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Alpha Maddox (Wolves of Chaos Valley) by Emilia Rose

Publication date 24/5/2021


Mates are supposed to be forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man.

Every night I both curse the Moon Goddess for pairing me with such an unfaithful woman and beg her for another chance to find a mate who could love me, because a callous and unruly alpha like me isnโ€™t cut out to raise a daughter on his own. But the years pass by, and I find myself loathing everyone, especially that sonavbitchโ€™s daughter, Jade.

She is a constant reminder of who her father used to be before I tortured him.

When the Chaos hits, for the first time in nine years, like a mother fuckinโ€™ train, I stare at Jade from across the dark forest and vow that I would never let another woman get close enough to hurt me again, especially if sheโ€™s my mate.


Mates mean nothing, at least thatโ€™s what my father said when he cheated on Mom with the luna of our pack.

I didnโ€™t believe in them then, and I donโ€™t believe in them now. And nothing, not even the Chaos, could change my mind.

But when the forest goes dark and the Chaos descends upon the dark valley, I find myself staring back at Maddox, my alpha and the annoying prick who has made my life a living hell these past nine years. If I hate anything more than the mate bond, it is that the Moon Goddess destined me to be with Alpha Maddox.

Too bad I will never let him into my life.

Alpha Maddox is a standalone novel written by bestselling author Emilia Rose and part of the Wolves of Chaos Valley shared universe series.

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