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New Release/Arc Review




Just when you think you have it all, everything changes…

I had everything a kid could want.
A home. Food. Toys. Friends. Loving parents.
And it all equaled happiness.
Then my life went up in smoke.
Happiness no longer existed.
I trusted the wrong person.
And in a blink of an eye, the cruelty of the world reared its ugly head.
Four walls. Darkness.
Memory loss.
My first love.
And people watching in the corners.

Now, I’m conditioned.
I need to watch.
I need to be watched.
No one understands the turmoil inside me.
And the one person who seems to calm it?
Ruby Raine.

A little spitfire of a woman who released the strife I’ve been swallowing for eighteen years.
She made me realize how weak I was and how strong I needed to be.
To tackle my demons, I have to admit everything.
I have to trust and that’s one thing that doesn’t come easy for me.
Ruby shows me it’s okay to let go, to let someone steer for a bit, to give up a little control.
So I let go. I let her have the reins.
The road is bumpy, a minefield of explosives with her debt and my pain.
Every chance she takes on me is a step I take to better myself.
Love is a surprise.
A dart that Ruby tossed, and it hit me in the middle of my chest.
Unleashing… everything.

I’m my own target. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s aim.

Publication date 28/5/2021

My Review

Trigger Warning (please be advised)

This is book 12, I’ve not read any of the others in this series, and it doesn’t feel as if I need to. But as I liked some of the other characters I have a feeling I’ll probably go back and look them up 😀

Waylon or “Bullseye” is at breaking point, drinking doesn’t help, having countless women in his bed doesn’t do the trick anymore. He just needs his brain to give him a little peace, he knows he can never be forgiven for his past, but if the incessant noise doesn’t quite down soon, who knows what he’ll do next….

Ruby is fascinated with the cocky biker that constantly comes into her boutique. He’s confident and a flirt. But she knows he’s a player, and Ruby is at that stage in life she wants a partner and not just a notch on his bedpost! So she keeps turning him down on the dates he throws at her.
Until he says he’s not coming in anymore! Then she has to face the facts, Ruby wants Bullseye!
But has she left it too late?

I liked the three part journey, it’s a long journey and the author condenses as much as possible, it’s a total of twenty eight years!
Bullseye was taken as a child. He’s then raised with no love and no compassion! He’s being raised as an actor to star in terrible films (porno films!) his only companion is Georgia his co-star in these films (she was also snatched as a child) they form a close and tight bond, and to the young bullseye it’s love.
But she sadly dies and he’s left alone…..
Escaping, he encounters the Ruthless Kings (a motorbike gang) who take him in and make him a member.
But he’s never revealed who he really is.

Romance? It’s a slow burn at first, and then once Bullseye decides Ruby is for him, then it certainly hots up 😉

Cliffhanger? No cliffhanger, it does end a little quick though…

Bullseye is a great character, complex and fascinating.
Been raised with love until he is snatched, then a life the stuff of nightmares is made of!
But Ruby offers him a better life, he just has to want to grab it with both hands. He’s also an exhibitionist and a voyeur! But that has to be the upbringing that was forced upon him, but he needs it once in a while to distress.

I loved Ruby she had a way of looking at life that was refreshing. She also knew what she wanted. She’s quite an outgoing character, so that complements Bullseye as he’s not that outgoing.

I was a little disappointed with the last chapter or two! So much was packed into it! In fact too much! It was great how it all under up, I just wanted it spread out a little more.

Recommend? Yes I would. And if you liked it as much as I did, I’m sure you’ll be going back to read the rest.


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