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New Release/Arc Review

Our Darkest Dare Kindle Edition by Sarah Bailey


His Detachment. My Liability. Our Catastrophe.

Duke Scott’s story.

A coming of age, second chance MF romance. This is not just a love story, it’s a journey with high steam, angst and pain. But as with all love stories, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a HEA waiting for you.

Author Note: I recommend reading The Devil’s Syndicate series if you want to see Duke’s parents’ journey to their happy ever after.

Our Darkest books are a series of interconnected standalones. There are a mixture of MM and MF couples. As with all the author’s books, they’re set in the UK with British characters.

Publication date 28/5/2021

My Review

Amazing, simply beautiful. It’s a tale that takes you on a dark and dangerous path, please be aware there may be triggers that may upset some people. 
If you’ve not read any of this authors books, then your missing out. 
You need to pick this one up, then I’ll be surprised if you don’t go back and read the rest.
Duke whose parents are Ash and Xavier (The Devil’s Syndicate)has always been a little wild, his siblings Raphi and Aurora are model children, they were annoying, but he loves them anyway. 
Kira is an only child, mother died early and father has an illness that robs him of his mobility! 
So Kira spends most of her time at Duke’s home, she’s always welcome and is never made to feel like an outsider. 
Duke and Kira have known each other since they were little kids, always daring each other, always trying to get the best of one another. Each was like the others shadow, where one was, the other wasn’t too far behind. Playing games and studying together, almost like Siamese twins. 
But Kira has a secret, her love for Duke isn’t a sibling love, and it hasn’t been for a while, she doesn’t see anyone else but him, but she can’t tell him this, it would ruin their friendship. What if she lost him? What if he didn’t ever feel the same way? No, it’s better to have him in her life than not at all. She’ll get over it…. eventually…. won’t she? 
Duke has Andie, she’s his girlfriend, but he can’t help but compare her to his best friend Kira. 
Duke knows he shouldn’t think of Kira that way, she wouldn’t like it, and he wouldn’t want to lose her friendship. She’s all that keeps him level, and even though they dare each other with stupid stunts, he would t be without her. 
Hopefully this will just be a phase, and it will go back to him looking at her as a friend…. won’t it? 
Oh the things these characters do to one another, at first it’s funny, then turning slightly darker, until you see where this is going….. 
But they still go there, and your watching through your fingers, begging the author not to take them there…. 
But we go there, we go there big time!
And then we get to watch as Duke destroys the one thing he truly loves. Kira! It’s awful to witness, you know why he’s doing this, and so does she, but you just want to grab Duke by the hair and bang some sense into his head!!) They are still best friends, they still get each other to do stupid dares, but something changed, and no matter how hard they try, they can’t get it back….. 
We jump through time and land at crucial almost pivotal moments. Watch as Duke rampages through life, girls, booze, fast cars. Kira is right beside him, but you have to wonder for how much longer?
And then the huge explosion happens…. FML!!! Good God!!! One I wasn’t expecting… and then the world comes crashing down and around them. 
This is technically the last in the series. 
We watched the parents of the kids come together, and then wondered what the kids would be like. 
I’m so glad we got to see it all. 
This author has become a firm favourite, and this series although hard to read, has to be a favourite of mine, all the darkness, all the agony that love can bring is brought kicking and screaming onto these pages. 
So how can Duke convince Kira to give him one more chance?  You’ll have to read it to find out. 
It’s not as dark as some of her other books have been, but it’s still an emotional rollercoaster. There is pain, loss, suffering and grief. So it’s not a skip in the park by no means. 

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