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Kindle Review

Kicking Up Steam by Kaye Carreri

Kicking Up Steam by Kaye Carreri


Mandy Varoni has sworn off men for all of eternity. You would too if you’d had your heart broken, and your life shattered, the way she did. It was no surprise to anyone when Mandy picked up and moved across the country to start her life over. As a school teacher, she quickly develops a love for all of her adorable third grade students, focusing all of her energy on them. She particularly has a soft spot for one, sweet little boy who has recently lost his father.

Nathan Tyler is successful, funny, athletic, strikingly handsome, and happily single. He also happens to be a devoted uncle, dedicated to helping his older sister raise her young son after a family tragedy.

Through a mutual love of sports and an adorable little blonde boy, Mandy and Nate’s lives begin to intertwine. While they are both reluctant to settle into any sort of relationship, the sparks igniting between them cannot be denied. With some convincing from her best friend, Mandy finally decides to let go and have a little bit of casual fun.

Mandy and Nate’s chemistry and sexual compatibility move beyond casual fun. Until they soon realize they are in over their head when their relationship, and a precious little, blond haired conflict of interest, are thrust into the spotlight.

Publication date 13/11/2020

My Review …..

Not usually a sports fan reader, but the blurb looked interesting and so here I am…..
Mandy moved away from heartbreak and her family, she decided once away she would devote her life to the kids she taught, she didn’t need love!

Nathan grew up with a loving family, but when grief tore the family up, he devoted his time and energy to his family. Making a name for himself in the town for his gym, Nathan decided the only companionship he needs is one night stands!

I’m still not a sports fan, but this was pretty good. It explains soccer in a way that wasn’t boring. But the thing that grabbed me and kept me reading was the main characters Nathan and Mandy. They were so dedicated to others, that they needed their own happy ending. Reading their story made me smile for most of the book. Both were attracted to one another, but neither would commit. They shared so many likes it was almost as if they were made for one another. But Mandy’s fear of being hurt and Nathan’s fear of commitment is the one thing keeping from admitting their true feelings for one another!

So when an incident at school puts Mandy in an awkward position, she does the only thing she can. She ends it with Nathan! Can Nathan convince Mandy he wants her forever? Or will she just remember that love hurts and it’s not worth it?

I had to admit, when the writer isn’t talking with the characters it feels a little stilted, very wooden and almost script like! In places it really dragged!


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