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Marks of Rebellion: A Military Romance (Behind Closed Doors Book 2) by Maggie Cole

Marks of Rebellion: A Military Romance (Behind Closed Doors Book 2) by Maggie Cole


He Stole Her Freedom and Wants Her Back…

In the darkness of the night, she climbed out of the dirt pit and tugged on heartstrings I didn’t even know I had.
There’s no slow-burn for her. It’s a full-speed freight train of desire mixing with the jungle heat.
Her touch brings me to my knees. Her intoxicating kisses flood adrenaline in my veins.
But it’s not just about us.
Her ex will do anything to get her back. He’s powerful and he has eyes everywhere.
No matter where we go, people are watching. And the moment I drop my guard, I lose her.
When I rescue her this time, he’ll pay for every mark he’s ever put on her.

“MARKS OF REBELLION “ is the second jaw dropping installment in the ”BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” series. Each novel is a stand-alone regarding the HEA of the couple, but the plot develops with each story. This steamy series is for mature readers only and is best if read in order. This series may contain situations that may be sensitive for some readers.Trigger Warning: This book contains Domestic Violence.

Publication date 19/1/2021

Reading Order: Behind Closed Doors Series: Book 1 Depths of Destruction Book 2 Marks of Rebellion

My Review….
It’s Hunters and Vanessa’s story in this book.
Hunter is a bit of a hothead, quick off the mark and easily riled. Being with this team has given him another chance, and he’s not going to mess it up. Well that was the plan until he saw her! His flower! But being Vanessa’s protection is proving harder than it looks, she’s sexy, sassy and in need of a protector, but Hunter keeps getting it wrong! He’s too loud, too brash and just too much! He’s going to have to step back and try harder, but it’s difficult when the woman you’ve fallen for flinches at your touch……

We start with Vanessa being taken by guerrillas, how she was force to wear shackles for months, how she lived with fear and terror, then it kicks up a notch, and she’s sold to her worse nightmare! A man that makes her fiancé look tame. Santiago!! Vanessa if given a choice would have stayed in that pit forever, she would rather die than go back to Carlos, but she’s a bargaining chip, a font of information, a well of knowledge, but what happens to the well when it runs dry?! Is Vanessa now on borrowed time? And even when she’s rescued, it’s hard. She’s always scared, panics and jumps at the slightest thing.
Naomi (Depths of Destruction) was a journalist, Vanessa didn’t do anything famous or important, all she did was catch the eye of the wrong man. For years he excluded her family and friends until she was reliant on only him, his ugly side would come out every now and again, a bruise here, a slap there, he was good enough to convince Vanessa he didn’t really mean it. Until she was totally controlled by him. She was only ever a showpiece!! But she knows so much about Carlos’ business dealings (yes it’s all connected)

Most of the book has Hunter and Vanessa trying to get to Honduras for fake passports and then onto Bermuda. Not as many incidents in this book, but the drama is still there. So when the unexpected happened, I was totally unprepared so see Vanessa and Hunter torn apart!!

This book is totally different from the first story. (Which so far is still my favourite) and my only gripe is that we have sex not long after ages been rescued (she was held captive for eight months, in chains!!) But other than that I loved the story. How Hunter makes so many mistakes with Vanessa and the people he comes into contact with, he is a little arrogant, so it’s fun to watch him fall in his butt a few times!!
But there is also a few laughs, hilarity can be found even when facing death! And the amount of times Hunter gets it wrong does face me chuckling at his misfortune.
Poor Vanessa had lots of panic attacks and couldn’t really tell Hunter why, as the reader we know why, but reading how Hunter struggles to understand gives the book another dimension.With this book there is still a lot of drama, still being chased by lots of factions, but this one focuses on the couple rather than the reason they are being chased.

So have we learnt anything from this book that helps us with why the women were taken? I can’t tell you that, but I can say there are more parts to this puzzle before it’s all sorted. Oh I forgot to tell you, Vanessa and Hunter…. nope can’t say, you’ll have to read it you send.

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