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Haze of Obedience: A Military Romance (Behind Closed Doors Book 3) by Maggie Cole

Haze of Obedience: A Military Romance (Behind Closed Doors Book 3) by Maggie Cole


She’s Mesmerized Me For Decades From Afar…

My mission is to rescue the Zoe Diego, a famous Latina pop star who went missing fourteen months ago.

I already know about her. She’s my favorite entertainer and her voice hypnotized me since my early twenties.
I underrated her beauty from afar. Stunning doesn’t come close.
But she’s sassy. I give it back to her as good as she gives it to me. And the angst between us only creates a deeper craving to make her mine.
The Global Leaders have forced themselves upon her, stealing her choices, and making her their slave in more ways than one.

They will do anything to get her back. So I’ll risk everything I’ve worked for and my life, to navigate the jungle and save her.

“HAZE OF OBEDIENCE “ is the third jaw dropping installment in the “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” series. Each novel is a stand-alone regarding the HEA of the couple, but the plot develops with each story. This steamy series is for mature readers only and is best if read in order. This series may contain situations that may be sensitive for some readers. Trigger Warning: This book may trigger sexual abuse survivors (no descriptive rape scenes) and those struggling with drug addiction.

Publication date 2/2/2021

My Review…..

Dirk is so screwed!! He’s face to face with his ultimate woman, he’s followed her music for years, and he’s acting like a total jerk! He’s suppose to be cool, calm and collected, but instead he’s made her bleed!
He’s suppose to be attending to her after rescuing her, but so far he’s insulted her and made her cry, he’s even got a slap for his troubles!
He’s here to do a job, he needs to focus on his mission an bit her butt!

Zoe ‘a life should have been a dream. Singing is what she loves. Performing was a plus, all she wanted was to prove to her family she was more than just a berry picker! And as most dreams they start out great….
Now? Now, she’d give anything to be at the start of her journey and not possibly at the end!
People who were suppose to love/protect and care for her (managers) have only seen her as an asset, to be used and thrown away at a whim.
Turned into a junkie and a prostitute to sweeten deals!
Forced night after night to perform for moneymakers, drug lords and people in power…..

Just when you thought this story could drag anymore emotions out of you, this book finds a few more…..
Addiction, prostitution and fear, my heart broke at Zoe’s ordeal, a young singer with stars in her eyes and a talent that should have been nurtured. Yes, she did overate herself in the beginning, yes she could have done things differently, but being young you think you know it all.
But to be used as a piece of meat was horrid. No wonder she never trusted Dirk, all men wanted they took, and a gentleman is just a myth!

Like the previous books we have the rescue, we have the repeat of leaving the camp and escaping Interpol to keep the women from being returned to their former lives.
We have Zoe’s beginning and that is a little hard to read.
It does feel a little like deja vu in some parts, it only really gets interesting once Hunter and Dirk split up (Hunter/Vanessa book 2 Marks of Rebellion)

Dirk is being driven crazy, Zoe blows hot and cold all the time, he thinks they are making progress, something happens and they are back to square one. Kissing her seems like a great idea, then he remembers her choice was taken away, he needs to bide his time….

Zoe has secrets in fact all the women have secrets (it’s one of the reasons they were all taken captives) she wants to tell her “country boy” she really does, but trust has gone from her life, she doesn’t know how to move forward (every time she tried she’d fail horribly) and as she gets to know Dirk, she’s afraid of the way he will look at her, and the secrets she holds could get them both killed. No, it’s better not to tell him.

When Zoe is taken from Dirk your heart leaps into your mouth, watching her being taken from him you feel his pain, but Zoe’s fear and horror at watching Dirk slump to the floor is all consuming.
Will they ever find each other again?

This book is more intense, so many things are coming together and the story is half way through.
I loved this book, and can’t wait to read book four.

Ryker and Julieta yes please.


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