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Risks of Temptation (Behind Closed Doors Book 6) by Maggie Cole

Publication date 16/3/2021


Innocent and quiet is how everyone sees her. I did too. But the world has underestimated her.

She can’t stand any man’s touch—except mine. Once she has it, there isn’t anything else she craves. And I’m unable to resist any of her wishes.

But powerful men see her innocence. They will do anything to have her. And there’s nowhere to run except straight into the pit of the fire.
We’ll both have to do things we despise. No amount of training can prepare for the evil in front of us.
And I have to break her. She knows it. She agreed to it. She convinced me it’s the only way out.
Somehow, we have to survive, escape, and put each other back together. Hopefully, all the pieces fit again.“RISKS OF TEMPTATION “ is the sixth jaw dropping installment in the “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” series. Each novel is a stand-alone regarding the HEA of the couple, but the plot develops with each story. This steamy series is for mature readers only and is best if read in order. This series may contain situations that may be sensitive for some readers. Trigger Warning: This book may trigger sexual abuse survivors (no descriptive rape scenes.)

My Review….. 

Book six, and it’s still going strong, the plot is still just as engaging. The characters are all convening to the same spot. This is going to be a shocker, and I wasn’t prepared for this at all!! 
How do I review this book without giving anything away? 
As you know the previous five books spent a lot of time repeating scenarios (just with different people) it wasn’t until half way though the book we would see them doing something different. 
This book had a few of those elements, but we spend so much more time with Emilia and Malin. 
Malin is a soldier working for Interpol, his job is to rescue hostages and to defuse hostile situations. 
But there is also a secret that Malin can’t tell his brothers in arms….. 
Emilia is sister to Naomi (book 1: Depths of Destruction) not a reporter, she teaches English to Spanish children. 
Shy, quiet and sensitive, Emilia is scared of her own shadow (an incident in her past) but being with Malin shows us another side of Emilia, and it’s one I never saw coming. 
They were never meant to meet! Emilia was in the wrong place at the wrong time! An unknown and dangerous variant that Malin had never factored into this scenario. So for everyone’s peace of mind (well his really) Emilia needed to be reunited with her sister Naomi as quick as possible.  
But spending time with each other brings them both a sense of peace that neither have felt in a long time, and that’s dangerous! Letting your guard down even for a minute can get people killed! 
This was saving the best till last! It brings this awesome series to an explosive finish. All loose ends are tied up, and all the explanations all make sense now. We see why this book was broken down into bite size pieces, to explain all of this in one book would have been a mistake. 
This series is definitely needing to be read in order as each book gives you just a bit more of the puzzle. This book puts the pieces together and lets you see the whole picture. 
And at first I really wasn’t sure! The beginning sounded so ominous, had we all got it wrong, were we looking at the wrong people? I really did question myself! 
All the women had faced abuse in one form or another, all their stories were dark and sad. Emilia’s was sad, but so empowering too, to take back her choices, to have a say in her life that had to have helped her overcome her own fears and her own self worth. 
This one was the darkest, the most twisted, but the one who knows will have you breathless with anticipation.
So can Malin and Emilia end the reign of terror that the Global Leaders have in store for the world? Or will it all just be too much? 
Highly recommend this book and this series.  

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