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Kindle Review

Alpha Maddox (Wolves of Chaos Valley) by Emily Rose

Alpha Maddox (Wolves of Chaos Valley) by Emily Rose


Mates are supposed to be forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man.

Every night I both curse the Moon Goddess for pairing me with such an unfaithful woman and beg her for another chance to find a mate who could love me, because a callous and unruly alpha like me isn’t cut out to raise a daughter on his own. But the years pass by, and I find myself loathing everyone, especially that sonavbitch’s daughter, Jade.

She is a constant reminder of who her father used to be before I tortured him.

When the Chaos hits, for the first time in nine years, like a mother fuckin’ train, I stare at Jade from across the dark forest and vow that I would never let another woman get close enough to hurt me again, especially if she’s my mate.


Mates mean nothing, at least that’s what my father said when he cheated on Mom with the luna of our pack.

I didn’t believe in them then, and I don’t believe in them now. And nothing, not even the Chaos, could change my mind.

But when the forest goes dark and the Chaos descends upon the dark valley, I find myself staring back at Maddox, my alpha and the annoying prick who has made my life a living hell these past nine years. If I hate anything more than the mate bond, it is that the Moon Goddess destined me to be with Alpha Maddox.

Too bad I will never let him into my life.

Alpha Maddox is a standalone novel written by bestselling author Emilia Rose and part of the Wolves of Chaos Valley shared universe series.

Publication date 24/5/2021

My Review

The Chaos Valley Series is a group of authors that have gotten together to write stories about a Wolf pack. They all stand alone and don’t need to be read in order.


Jade doesn’t believe in mates, things in her past have taught her that mates lie, cheat and don’t really love one another, that’s definitely a life she doesn’t want! All she wants is to leave the pack, but to do that she needs money, being in a gang that kills for money isn’t ideal, but she’s looked down upon anyway, and the bakery job she has in the pack certainly won’t help her leave. She’s just sick of being labelled liked her father, of being tarred with the same brush as him has been draining, it’s not her fault he cheated on her mother with the Alpha’s mate! She’s sick of the pack punishing her for her fathers mistakes, but the pack follow the Alpha’s law, and he can’t see further than his hate!

Maddox has been hoping to get a second chance at getting a mate, his first mate not only cheated on him with his best friend, but abandoned their daughter! But this time around he’s not going to risk his heart. Oh who is he kidding, he will probably fall for a new mate and she will be as bad as Clea (his first mate)

The Chaos is an event where the pack will find mates, it consumes them, the need to find and mate. It all happens once a year for a week. Tempers and emotions will flare, and since it’s been nine years since the last one, Maddox is expecting it to be rough going for his pack. And is it a coincidence that nine years ago the Chaos stopped coming to the valley when Maddox found his cheating mate? And is now returning when Jade is ready to leave the pack?

And guess who the moon goddess decides need to be together…. How can she put Maddox with the woman who reminds him of all he lost? Jade can’t believe it! Of all the pack to mate her with! Maddox hates her, she hates him. What more is there to say?

Can this couple ever truly trust one another? Can they get past so much hate? And then to throw things up a little, we have an unexpected visitor! And we have a rogue wolf who wants Jade for himself! And the rogue packs that snatch women and children, Maddox and Jade will certainly be kept busy.

Romance? It’s definitely an enemies to lovers. And reading what he was like with Jade, I didn’t want them to have a story. Understanding why he acted that way towards Jade didn’t really excuse him! To hate someone because of who their parent was is very unfair, and he should have been a better person.

Recommend? Yes I would, it’s a great story, it’s written well and thought out really carefully (it’s probably more difficult if your not writing the whole series) Maddox’s daughter Kylie is just so cute and she was a welcome addition to the story.

I was a little sad that we didn’t see into the future with an epilogue, so I’m hoping that we will meet up with Maddox and Jade again at some point. And I love to see other characters get stories?


Welcome to the Chaos.

Wolves of Chaos Valley is a paranormal romance shared-world.

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