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Dual Review

Harvest and Corked (Tangled Vines Series) by Delta James

Harvest – Tangled Vines by Delta James


Turned against her will, Stephanie Savik will find her destiny in the City by the Bay.

Having triumphed over being kidnapped, turned against her will and sold to a pack of wolf-shifters, Stephanie Savik is now on her way to a new job as the assistant vintner at the Luna de Lobo Vineyard. To celebrate her success, she opts to spend the night in San Francisco.

Alexander Charles was also turned without his consent—the difference being it was done by his best friend in order to save his life. Xander is now second-in-command at Luna de Lobo.

Neither believes that they will ever experience the wonderous phenomenon known as a fated mate. Imagine their surprise when they discover how wrong they are in the most unlikeliest place… the famed BDSM club, Torch Light.

This book is given free when you sign up to the authors page.

“Prologue Long before the mists of time had dissipated, two similar creatures crawled out of the primordial soup, progressing along separate but distinct paths. One group evolved, developing the ability to shift between two different forms—their traits and characteristics flowing seamlessly between their altered selves. Those who did not advance maintained the status quo and were known as humans.”

Excerpt From Harvest by Delta James

My Review…..

Alexander/Xander is beta to the Luna de Lobo pack. He wasn’t born a Wolf shifter, he was turned by his friend and Alpha Damian during a mission. At first he wasn’t happy, but as he settled into his role as Beta and shifter, Xander is happier in his life…..

Stephanie was taken and turned against her will. She swore never to be taken against her will ever again! Living with the DeMedici pack has been fun, the pack cared and taught her how to take care of herself. But now it’s time to leave the pack and join Luna de Lobo pack as an assistant vintner. She looking forward to the challenge of a new job, but not at leaving the security of her old pack…..

Xander and Stephanie meet at the Wolf/human run BDSM club. Stephanie is terrified and angry, she’s worried that her new “mate” will want her to give up her job and produce offspring!! Xander on the other hand is so surprised. He never really believed in fated mates, and now he’s scented her, he won’t let her get away!

Male wolves are born with the scent of their mate imprinted on them. Both male and female wolf shifters know when their fated mate is close by. And once they know the other is close by, their primal needs are sparked and they need to find one another!

Xander then has his work cut out trying to convince his mate that they are meant to be together. So he does what he does best, spank her! He is a Dom after all! And she came to find a Dom! This is a spin off from the authors (Wayward Mates) series.

It’s not required reading, and I haven’t gone back, yet! If I get invested in a series, I’m tempted sometimes to go back and see if I can spot members in this series, or sometimes I’ll just go back to where the pack/series splits.

We get to meet the heroine of the next book. You don’t need to read this book to enjoy the next book. So if your interested you need to sign up to the authors newsletter. It’s definitely a short but fun read. So can he convince Stephanie that they can be happy together? Or will she run?


Corked Novellas (Tangled Vines) by Delta James


Grace’s life is on a roll, but San Francisco’s hills are steep and one small misstep sends her tumbling into the arms of Lincoln Steele. 

A lone wolf, loosely attached to his brother’s pack, Linc has been consumed with eradicating the humans known as Hunters. He has returned to the City by the Bay to renovate a small boutique hotel and a famed BDSM club. 

Now all he needs is an Executive Chef to head up the restaurants at both establishments. 

The pretty blonde chef seems to be everything he was looking for… and something he never expected.

From the time Grace enters the hotel to meet with Linc, she is inextricably drawn to the charismatic businessman and Dom. When Grace visits Torch Light, she finds herself partnered with the enigmatic Linc.

After a night of passion, Grace is taken by hunters. Can Linc use their connection to find her before it is too late?

My Review ……

Grace is interviewing for a new job as chef to a BDSM club and a small hotel. It’s going to be hard work, but she loves a challenge. 

Lincoln is Damian’s brother (Alpha of the Luna de Lobo pack) but he doesn’t associate with the pack, he’s termed a “lone Wolf” 

His only purpose in life was to track and kill Hunters (Hunters are humans that know of shifters and want to wipe them out!) but now half owner of a club and a hotel, Linc is fairly settled. 

Lincoln and Grace meet up for an interview. Grace is a little disoriented around Linc, but she’s not sure if it’s his aftershave or just his personality. 

Lincoln knows why, Grace is his fated mate! But she’s also a human! 

Turning humans have to be with their consent, but male wolves have been known to override the females wishes! So he needs to make sure she’s fully onboard with mating with him……

Arranging to meet Grace at Torch Light (the club he owns with his brother) Lincoln is anxious to put Grace over his knee or tie her up! He can’t concentrate, she’s all he is thinking about since he met her! And it’s driving him mad. 

So can Linc convince Grace to give them a chance? They fit perfectly together, they were made for one another. 

But before he can ask her any of this, she’s kidnapped by Hunters!! 

Can Linc rescue the only woman to own his heart? 

And if he does rescue her in time, how will he explain the fact he turns into a wolf? 

Another short but fun read. 

It’s making me anxious to read Damian’s story.


Meet the Author……

Delta James has four or more novellas per year for her VIP readers group. Want yours? Copy and paste this link in your browser!

Alpha heroes find real love with feisty heroines in USA Today Best Selling Author Delta James’ sinfully sultry romances.

Welcome to a world where true love conquers all and good triumphs over evil!

Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline. Delta is always happy to hear from her readers and responds personally. Reach out today!

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