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The Cryptic Prophecy (Etherya’s Earth) book 6 by Rebecca Hefner


The next generation of Etherya’s Earth begins…

Calinda, daughter of Darkrip and Arderin, has never quite fit in the immortal world. Raised alongside humans, she returned to the realm as the subject of a cryptic prophecy. Feared by some and shunned by others, Callie struggles to understand her place in the kingdom. When a handsome suitor begins to court her, she is taken by his ardent gestures, even if she has doubts.

Stoic Vampyre soldier Brecken grew up far from royal castles and wealthy aristocrats and understands he and Callie are worlds apart. Silently, he guards her and her suitor, falling for her more each time he hears her silken laugh and observes her kindness toward his little sister. He might not deserve her, but he vows to keep her safe.

When Callie’s suitor betrays her by aligning with their enemy, Brecken is there to pick up the pieces. As the final battle with Bakari draws near, Brecken continues to protect Callie, knowing a future between them is uncertain. But Callie is determined to defy the prophecy and prove to her heroic soldier that destinies are never set in stone…and one can determine their own fate if they have the strength to prevail.

Publication date 22/6/2021

The Cryptic Prophecy (Etherya’s Earth) book 6 by Rebecca Hefner

My Review

This is a really well written series, and I was sad to hear it was ending! I would have liked it to go on for a little longer…. Then when I found out we weren’t saying goodbye to Etherya I was really pleased. So we have the kids of the characters I fell in love with. It’s a little weird as the parents don’t really look old enough to have grown up kids. (But that’s the fun of vampire DNA, and an authors creative license)

I’d advise you to read in order, it’s not necessary, but reading how the dark and dastardly DarkRip fell madly in love with his mortal enemy’s daughter Arderin is well worth the read.

Calinda is the holder of a prophecy that foretells the end of Etherya!! (And when you get further on in the book, it does get you wondering at the prophecy wording!!) So that’s made for an awkward childhood! Living in the mortal realm wasn’t much better either! So Calinda (Callie) has felt like an outsider for most of her life! Knowing suitors would be sparse on the ground Callie dedicates her life to curing animals, her heritage gave her the ability to heal the sick and mend wounded animals. And when the charming Zadicus begins to woo her with words, Callie dreams of finally being happy and bonded. And when Zadicus announces his plans to woo and bond with Callie, there is a moment you think it’s all going to be ok for our social outcast!!! 🤔

Brecken is a lowly Vampyre soldier, bodyguarding the higher class of his kind. And when an opportunity to advance both his sister’s schooling and his mother’s job prospects, Brecken reluctantly agrees to help his ward….(But you know that’s going to come back and bite him in the a$$ at some point!)

Spending time with Callie is beginning to be a torturous task! Brecken admires her greatly and sees what a wonderful person she is, in fact far too good for his ward! But he does his job to the best of his abilities, but all the while secretly pining for his Callie-Lily!!

Poor Callie, knowing your different from others is bad enough! To be shunned and almost ostracised is just cruel. But she really tries hard not to be affected by her prophecy (or curse as she calls it) and considering who her father is, she shows extreme restraint! So you can see why she fell for the charms of her suitor, (who also happens to be Brecken’s ward!) But when she’s taken for a fool (Zadicus plays her and then betrays her to their enemy) her poor heart and spirit gets badly bruised!

Brecken is just a great character, yes he made a few mistakes, yes he took his eye off the job on occasions, but he felt like he could help his mother and sister to better themselves (so you can’t fault his motives, only the outcome) he’s quite progressive in his thinking, as most Vampyres think women shouldn’t be soldiers and should stay safe at home! And his letter writing was just so sweet, you could see how Callie fell for the words.

Just when you think this series is all done and dusted….. BAM!!! The author pulls out a new story and drags you back to Etherya!!

The background story is solid, the new threads that are beginning to unravel and reveal a new story was really good. A little history here and there for new readers, but not enough to stop the flow of action this book throws at us. I loved how Callie and Brecken come together, but there are secrets that could either make or break this couple! I liked the diary moments. (The younger Callie had a wicked sense of humour). I loved reading the letters that are sent to Callie. We get to see old characters from previous books, and it’s great to catch up with them. We get to see new characters (and potential stories) and we get a dastardly villain who thinks he has the right to destroy and rule as he sees fit. (Nope not going to fill you in, you’ll need to read the book)

So I’m going to recommend you read this book, you won’t be disappointed.


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