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Kindle Review

A Touch Of Healing: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (The Sisters in Sirens Series Book 1) by Kathryn K. Murphy


Laura Burton has a secret. One that she has always been able to count on until Carter Price crashes back into her life. 

As a paramedic, Laura helps people, but her secret power heals them, or it had until now. She hasn’t seen the billionaire tech mogul since he broke every promise back when they were dating in high school. Now, in the back of the ambulance, Carter’s breaking the rules again when her power fails to work on him. Laura needs to find out why while managing to keep herself and her son afloat on a shoestring budget, when Carter offers her a deal. Live with him and help him recover in exchange for free rent. Can she figure out what has gone wrong while guarding herself from getting hurt again?

A steamy, second chance romance, A Touch of Healing is the first book in the Sisters in Sirens series. If you like strong women with secret superpowers and the men who love them, you’ll love Kathryn K. Murphy’s newest page-turning romance.

Publication date 22/6/2021

A Touch Of Healing: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (The Sisters in Sirens Series Book 1) by Kathryn K. Murphy

My Review

Laura can heal with just the touch of her hands! She doesn’t publicise the fact, she just starts the healing process. Laura’s a paramedic. She always wanted to become a doctor, but a failed marriage and a little boy put her dreams out of reach, so she trained hard and helps people in her own way…..

Carter overcame what people thought of him! At school he got in with the wrong crowd and saw him fall from a great height! Prison gave him the wake up call, and a good friend helped him back into the right path. So he was here to say goodbye at the friend funeral! But one too many drinks now has him in plaster and trapped on the town he left behind…..

Laura and Carter friends who dated brief until one fateful evening changed all that. And Carter only saw Laura from a distance, until he moved away. An accident brings them back into each others world, but can she ever trust Carter again?

Romance? Carter had loved Laura for such a long time, and knew he’d blown his chances with her as a teen, but now he’s an adult and he wants another chance! But will Laura give him that chance?

We also have the fact Laura doesn’t seem to be able to heal Carter! Is it a coincidence? Or has she lost her healing ability?

Second chance at romance comes calling for Carter and Laura, whilst convalescing in the town he grew up in he offers Laura a job and home to become his nurse/carer. He’s looking for a second chance with Laura, and he’ll use whatever he can to succeed. They are meant to be together.

Recommend? Definitely, it’s a great read, it is a slow burn romance, so if your looking for instalust you won’t get it here. We also have a love rival! It’s Carter’s assistant, and she really does try her best to split the new couple up! And we have the fact Laura has powers! Will she confide in Carter?

I liked Laura she was a great character, love a little paranormal in with my reading. She has a great network of friends and a cute little boy (and an ex husband who may figure in future stories!) She tires so hard to be a good parent, but on a limited budget and now about to become homeless! But she just puts on a brave face and tries her best.
Carter Was a nice surprise, he overcame his past, he learnt from his mistakes and tried to help others. Becoming a billionaire didn’t really change him as such, but if it hadn’t been for his old school coach, he probably wouldn’t be where he is today.

First book in a new series, (sisters in sirens) all about first responders, but I’ve read and liked a previous series written by this author. (The Firemark Series)

So can Carter convince Laura that they are meant to be together? And can Laura trust another man, after the last man broke her heart?


About Kathryn

Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn, and I have loved to write ever since my second-grade poetry project. I’ve come a long way since that little limerick. 

I write steamy contemporary romance with a little touch of magic. When I’m not writing, I consume novels like other people binge-watch Netflix, sweat in my gardens, and fail to prevent my son from chasing our four cats.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads and right here on my website where I blog regularly.

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