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Kindle Review Black Sunshine by Karina Halle

Description ….. 

All Lenore Warwick wants for her 21st birthday is to hang out with her friends, finish her second year at Berkeley with flying colors, and maybe catch the eye of a hot musician playing a show at a club that she can now (legally) get into. 

Unfortunately, fate has other plans for her. 

A week before her birthday, she’s kidnapped by the brooding and dangerous stranger with cold eyes and a lethal touch, who has been stalking her on San Francisco’s fog-shrouded streets. Absolon Stavig isn’t your average criminal though. He’s a centuries-old vampire who’s caught between wanting to kill Lenore and wanting to save her. 

You see Lenore, too, is a vampire.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

Taken by a pair of vampire slayers when she was just an infant, Lenore was raised never knowing her true nature. All Lenore knows is that she has (normal) parents who love her, that she’s exceptionally smart, and she’s squeamish around blood. But once she turns twenty-one, she’ll fully turn into a vampire, and Solon hopes he’ll be there to guide her, opening her eyes to her deepest hunger…both sexual and otherwise. 

But this turning can’t be kept a secret. Soon both slayers and vampires are hunting Lenore, with only Solon and his unpredictable motley crew of vampires to save her.

If they don’t kill her first.

Black Sunshine is a dark adult standalone romance with a paranormal twist, about sex, love, secrets, and revenge, set in contemporary San Francisco.

Black Sunshine by Karina Halle

Publication date 25/3/2021

My Review……

Lenore is just your typical teenager, partying, and having a good time. She loves her parents dearly, but lately they’ve become really over protective! It’s great, but when you want a party and instead your doing a family holiday! Things need to change…..She has a few good friends, an ex-boyfriend and a love of tattoos and Edgar Alan Poe. I liked Lenore, she was a little eccentric, but sounded like a lot of fun. You have to feel for her when she’s kidnapped and told she’s a vampire! Your heart goes out to her as she struggles with the lies from her parents (who aren’t her laters) the hatred and lack of empathy from Absolon. Then the lust that hits her in waves! Then let’s not forget the craving for blood! (Which before hand would have made her faint!) How she keeps her mind in tact is a wonder…..

Absolon Stavig “Solon” is an ancient vampire, his sole job was to “teach” Lenore about becoming a vampire. And I want it noted that he is not a sparkly vampire, it’s not even a broody Eric vampire, this one is more like Bela Lugosi, the nasty look in his eyes, the nasty way he treats Lenore is absolutely horrible. You don’t get the sense he’s there to help her, he’s a mercenary who will sell witches to vampires and vice versa. There is so much more to this vampire than meets the eye!

Being kidnapped was bad enough, being told your not human and your going to turn into a vampire was laughable, until it actually happens! Having to go through two stages until a vampire (lust then bloodlust) Lenore is left in the capable hands of Wolf. (We then get a type of fade out, only to be told that Lenore and Wolf have sex for days!) And as for notion that Lenore will be sold to the highest bidder!!!

We haven’t even touched on the vampire hunters/slayers guild! The witches and the in between world (known as black sunshine)

What a dark story. Really twisted I’d love for there to be more to this stand alone story. So if ever the author decides to write more, I’m definitely down to reading them. Really well written, at some point you think Solon is going to finally realise Lenore is for him. Loved Amethyst and Wolf, they are such great characters, and I’m still not sure about Ezra!

So will Solon want Lenore for himself? Will he give her the explanations she’s craving? And can she really trust him to keep her safe? Or will he only be out for himself?

Highly recommend this book.


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