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Dark Need
A House of Sin Series Standalone
Clarissa Wild
Dark Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2021


In the middle of the night he took me.
Dangerous and wild, I only know him as Soren.
My captor, my tormentor.
He forces me to walk miles on end and refuses to tell me why.
All he does is stare … And it sets my body on fire.

He’s a muscular giant with raw, unbridled needs.
If I run, he’ll catch me.
If I fight, he’ll pin me down.
And worst of all … I’m beginning to like it.
But what I fear the most is that he lives for it.

Everyone knows a beast can’t be chained.
One way or another … his darkest needs will always come out to play.

Dark Need is a Dark Romance novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This story follows Soren & April from Dark Wish & Dark Lies. However, it can also be read as a standalone.



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Publication date 30/6/2021


My tongue instinctively dips out to lick my lip as he slides his hand across his length, his other hand resting on his thick, bulging abs, sweat dripping down his body, the look on his face carnal and completely mesmerizing.

And for a moment, I’m in awe at the visceral beauty of this beastly man.

He cocks his head, all while thrusting into his own hand. “Keep on looking …”

My pupils dilate, and a blush creeps onto my cheeks, but I will it down. “I wasn’t—”

“Yeah, you are,” he says, his voice gruff and raspy in a way that makes heat spread throughout my body. “I like it.”

He … likes it?

Oh, God.

Why can’t I stop it? Why can’t I stop turning so goddamn red?

I groan to myself, but it only makes him push himself off the rock and step closer to me, something I wasn’t prepared for.

What is he planning to do?

“I tried to ignore you, but you made it impossible,” he says, groaning as his thick bulge oozes pre-cum. “I need. I want.” He steps in front of me, placing both hands on the tree trunk while his cock sways around. “I never want for anything.” He searches my face until our eyes lock, and I still can’t fucking look away. “But you …”

He leans in and almost seems to take a whiff of my scent. The rumbling noise that leaves his mouth turns me into a puddle of goo.

“I want all of that …” he murmurs.

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Dark Need (Dark Romance) by Clarissa Wild

My Review

There are triggers to this book, so please read the advisement before choosing this book….

Although you can read this book without reading the first two (Dark Wish and Dark Lies) without missing any of the story, it’s better if you read them first. There are characters and story that will help this book to flow better.

April goes from one disaster to another. First she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her! Then she signs up to a Cult (only she doesn’t know that) and then she’s a “Sinner” in the house that is owned by Eli, Tobias and Soren! She just can’t get a break. And then she discovers she’s going back to the Cult! Oh hell no!! She needs to escape, but how?

Soren lives to serve The House, it’s what he’s trained for, it’s what he lives for. But recently his focus has moved….. He’s focused on a woman he’s not suppose to have! He’s only suppose to punish the sinners! Wants and needs are a sin, and he’s above all that! Well, he was until April came into his life!

This book runs alongside and slightly after books one and day two in the series.

I absolutely loved this book, in fact I liked it better than the first two. Superbly written, the words just flow from the pages and into your heart. I really wasn’t impressed with Soren in the previous books, but as he’s the main character in this book we get to learn about him. And what a character, he’s typically a strong silent type. A mountain of a man that needs few words. He’s the man what wields the whip when the sinners need punishing. But reading his background, you just want to wrap him up and take him home. April was just great. A sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. She kept pushing, she kept telling everyone she wasn’t suppose to be here.

(The house is where sinners come that won’t repent, the sinners that repeatedly sin, and their masters or family just can’t cope with them any longer)

Most of the story is about their journey from the house to the cult. There is escape attempt aplenty. There is a few passionate moments and then there is the betrayal…. But there is also the journey to discovery. Both the MC’s discover themselves and the person they are with. Captor and captive become confused with their emotions and feelings. What they feel about each other shouldn’t be happening. And both fight really hard not to succumb.

It really takes you on a journey. Through forests, across rivers and a fight with a wild animal! You see Soren in a different light, and your willing April to win her freedom.

But not all stories get a HEA! Not all heroes (or in this case antihero) get the girl…. Can April convince Soren to let her go? Or will he ignore what his heart is telling him and deliver her back to hell?!

So I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the final “Master of Sin” gets his book. Tobias was a nasty piece of work in all three books, so I’m hoping he gets a good slap before his HEA.

Recommend? Oh most definitely. In fact I’d tell you to grab all three and take a walk on the dark side!


The Author

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Clarissa Wild is a Dutch New York Times & USA Today and Top 20 Amazon Bestselling author with ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome), who was born and raised in the Netherlands. She loves to write Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her cutie pie son, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time, she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, and cooking up some delicious meals.

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