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Kindle Review

Unturned Rubbles: A Standalone Novella by Sana Khatri


From International Bestselling author Sana Khatri comes a standalone contemporary romance novella where trust is tested, chances are burrowed, and hearts – they are unintentionally wounded.

What happens when a door opens somewhere, resulting in another to close elsewhere?
What happens when the truth burns the very air one breathes, making it hard to maintain one’s sanity?
Promises, trust, and hope – they are all left unturned.

What happens when walking away becomes a task of brutal nature?
What happens when reality takes it upon itself to make a cruel joke out of one’s misery?
Dreams, vows, and desire – they all fall to the unbreakable ground like nothing but drifting rubbles.

This book contains brief mentions of substance use and overdose, and suicide. If these topics are a trigger to you in any manner of the way, then a consideration is advised.

Publication date 25/6/2021

My Review 

My first read with this author. But it won’t be my last. 

Such a beautifully written book, so much emotion was put into this story, and as it’s only a novella, you have to wonder how much more would be in a full book?! 

The main characters Nia and Cass, were just great, although I wasn’t too impressed with Cass at first!! 

Cas’s and Nia have known each other from a really early age, school friends to young lovers, Nia honestly thought they’d be together forever, but that wasn’t the case….

Cass always thought he’d achieve more if he got the opportunity, and when his parents have the chance to move to New York, Cass jumps at the chance….

And there lies our first hurdle! Cass doesn’t tell Nia, until almost the last moment! Was that the cowards way out? Maybe. But it broke Nia’s heart. Walking away from Cass was really her only option. (And I can tell you I was bawling my eyes out!) 

We skip ahead to over ten years….. 

Nia now works the coffee shop (her parents owned) with her brother. They are doing a great job, but her personal life could have gone better! A nasty and very public divorce has made Nia extremely wary of ever committing to another relationship, thank goodness she had a group of close and supporting friends. 

Being an ex model, fitness trainer and social media influencer has made Cass a huge following on social media. Happy with his choices in life, Cass knows deep down there is something missing. So when he gets the chance to return to his hometown to do a sort of life story, Cass jumps at the chance. But coming back to his hometown has left Cass with mixed feelings. Will Nia still be here?

And when they bump into one another, you can’t but hold your breath! How will this pan out? 

But love never runs smoothly, and although Cass and Nia really do give it their best shot, there is someone else in the background trying to wreck their future happiness! 

So we have a tale of young love, that turned into ashes, but from ashes a Phoenix can rise. So can their love rise again? Can Cass really get Nia to give him a second chance? And when an incident occurs, how will Cass convince Nia that wasn’t of his doing?! Can she forgive him, again?! 

The supporting characters in this story were great. Noah (Nia’s brother) was such a support, just like a big brother should be. Her friends were a great bunch of people too. 

The only teeny tiny issue I had was the fact Nia gave in and forgave him far too quickly. I do like it when they are made to suffer (but being a novella, we needed 

Recommend? Yes I would. It’s a great novella, and i would have happily read a longer book with these two characters.


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