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Kindle Review

Her Patriotic Prince (Manhattan Holiday Loves Book 3 by Ayla Asher


It was only supposed to be one night…

Laura Cunningham is gorgeous, witty and tough as nails…and still single in her late thirties. After dating every man in Manhattan, she’s resigned herself to the fact that true love just might not exist for her. Certainly a bummer for the woman who observed her two best friends fall in love with sexy, strong men who are their soulmates.

Adam Gardner is a soldier who’s been committed to the cause his entire life. Nearing forty, he realizes that once his next mission is complete, he wants to settle down and build a home and family.

Laura and Adam meet on a romantic summer evening, knowing their time is limited due to Adam’s impending deployment. Taken by their instant chemistry, they commit to spending one passionate and intimate night together.

Years later, Adam returns to find Laura with a daughter who shares his sky-blue eyes. Determined to be a father to the little girl, and still enamored by the woman he could never forget, he strives to discern the best path forward.

Laura is shocked by the appearance of the man who stole her heart so many years ago…and who still possesses it. Can the star-crossed lovers build a life together or will their secrets and fears keep them from achieving happiness?

Secret baby, only one night and insta-love trope lovers—this one’s for you! Like all of Ayla’s books, this is a sweet, steamy, fast-paced novella with a sexy hero and guaranteed HEA. The conclusion to the trilogy is here!

My Review

This one was my favourite of the three stores in this trilogy.

You don’t need to read them all, but if you are, then it’s best to read in order as soon not to spoil any surprises along the way 😉

This tugged at my heartstrings so much. Laura has watched her two best friends find love and happiness. But almost at forty she’s given up hope of ever finding her other half!

Adam is a solider still serving his country, he has his own shadows to carry, but after this tour of duty Adam is going to find a girl, settle down and live his life. But meeting the love of your life the day before you have to leave?! That just sucks! But he has the memories of the one night he shared with her, maybe just maybe he’ll catch up with her one day…..

But Laura has more than memories from that day! It’s something so unexpected but a gift none the less, and Laura wouldn’t change it for the world……

A chance meeting has Adam and Laura meeting up again years later. The spark is there, it’s like they never left each other’s side, but with secrets between them, how can they move forward? And can Adam truly forgive her when he finds out Laura’s secret?

Love the second time around tropes aren’t usually my thing, but I loved the first two books, and I love this author, so it was a no brainier that I got to finish this series.


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