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Book Tour/New Release/Arc Review

Avenging Angel (Knight’s Legion MC Book 2) by Naomi Porter


Storm. My protector.
I need his darkness, like he needs my light.

After surviving an abusive relationship, I swore off men.
Until the President of the Knight’s Legion MC crashes into my life, holding me captive with his haunted gray eyes.

Storm is a force to be reckoned with and I welcome the chaos— it makes me feel alive.

He owns me. Body and soul. I love the way he loves me. Fueled by a fierceness that keeps him on the edge, but I keep him from going over.

When the enemy threatens to tear us apart, I find out just how strong I really am.

Storm is my everything… I will do anything for him, regardless of the sacrifice.

NOT a standalone. Please read Savage Stormfirst. It is recommended you read the series in order.

Contains dark elements. Reader discretion advised.

Enter at your own risk. There are cliffhangers and guaranteed HEAs.

Publication date 6/7/2021

Avenging Angel (Knight’s Legion MC Book 2) by Naomi Porter

My Review

⚠️Be warned there are a few things in this book that will upset a few people. So read the warnings before grabbing this book. ⚠️

Kaleb “Storm” Knight President of the biker club, is suppose to be this badass biker, but unlike other biker books I’ve recently read, I felt Storm had more meltdowns than deemed really necessary! (But that’s just my opinion!) Coming to terms with his past has been a struggle, but with Maddie by his side, I’m sure he’ll come out the other side a stronger character. And boy did he, that man stepped up to the plate. He brought it home and then some.

Maddie for me was definitely stronger and more together in this book. Yes, she’s got trust issues, but wouldn’t you if the man you were previously with constantly put you down and looked at you and your home with distain? She wants the ring, the kids and the white picket fence, and she gets the feeling Storm doesn’t, so she needs to move on with her life. And that means saying goodbye to Storm!

The second book in this series just blew book one out of the water. Secrets, lies and betrayal needed to be worked through! And although Maddie coped with it better than I thought, Storm couldn’t get past certain things! Maddie had to do things to keep herself and her friends safe, so yeah, her backbone in this book SOLID STEEL!!

I loved getting to know the secondary characters in this book, and I’m hoping they all get stories. 😉

And when Maddie gets taken by a rival gang, can Storm and his Legions find her in time? Is this a gang war? Or is there something more personal behind the kidnapping? It’s heartbreaking to witness Storm breakdown as he realises she’s been taken, it’s also satisfying to see him reek havoc on the men that took her! He didn’t muck about, he got the job done…..

You definitely need to read book one first (Savage Storm) otherwise the first chapter won’t really make much sense!

I wholeheartedly recommend this book. And I can’t wait to see where the Knight’s Legions take us next.


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