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Arc Review

The Bully (Kingmakers series) by Sophie Lark

The Bully (Kingmakers series) by Sophie Lark


I Know Her Secret…

Cat is in so much trouble. She did something bad, and I saw.

I’ll keep her secret… for a price.

Poor, sweet, timid Cat should never have come to Kingmakers. It’s a place for monsters and killers. People like me.

She wandered into the lion’s den and now she’s mine.

Mine to play with. Mine to torment. Mine to break…

“The Bully” is a standalone novel. It’s the third installment in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series – a bully romance, full of dark, twisted enemies-to-lovers conflict. Reader beware, this one is intense.

Publication date 16/6/2021

My Review

How can I explain this book without giving too much away from the previous books? 
You can read this on it’s own, and that’s fine, but why deprive yourself of one of the finest bully/enemies to lovers series around. 
These books are a spin off from another amazing series the author wrote. They are the kids that are now all grown up. 
Going to a school that is designed for mafia/Bratva/and the underworld, these kids are taught to be ruthless, show no mercy, divided into four groups. Each group taught things that pertain to their station in life. It’s no picnic, it’s a dog eat dog world. And no place for the weak! 

Dean, was introduced in the first book of this series. He fell for the heroine in that book Anna (The Heir) but she only saw him as a friend, and that didn’t help as the boy she fell for is a bitter rival and family enemy (long story) 
So if you felt sorry for him then, then by the end of this book you’ll go through a whole gamut of emotions. 
I think he just wants to be loved for himself, warts and all. But the way he goes about it is so totally wrong. 
Our heroine, Cat, was introduced early in this series, a timid and scared little mouse. She was never meant to be there, her place was elsewhere (again another long story) But surprisingly she flourishes there, finding her niche and friends. She might actually finish school in one piece! 
This book sort of starts not long after the Rebel finishes. 
Cat did something bad and Dean sees her. So he now has an opportunity to have a little fun and make Cat very uncomfortable! 
If you think this is going to be an easy ride, you are going to be in for a shock, buckle up people. It’s going to be a BUMPY RIDE!!!!
Dean finds every opportunity to push Cat’s boundaries. At some point you have to think Cat will snap! Nope! She bounces back and gives Dean plenty to think about. 
Could she love him? His mother never did, and his father only cared for revenge and the Bratva. 
There are so many scenes that will stay with me, moving moments and scenes that almost melted my poor kindle!! 
This might be a college romance, but the scenes that play out are for adults only 😉
Oh oh oh and there is a cross over that I loved (yet another series Sophie has done, which I now need to read!) a few characters that made a big difference to how Dean processed his feelings. 
And now I’m going back to read all three books to find clues for the final book in this series. 
It’s going to be emotional 🖤

The Lark Notes:
My very first inspiration for Kingmakers was Dean Yenin. I wanted to write a true anti-hero who would need to undergo a very serious change in his character to complete his redemption arc. Dean will make you feel all the things, sometimes against your will. You’ll love him and hate him and love him again, and never get him out of your head. – Sophie

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