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Loving Lena: An Adult Fantasy Romance by Esther Rabbit


It’s been nine months living with superpowers that feed off their insecurities, and they’re about to find out why 

I’ve fallen for her, hard and past the point of no return.
My mind has made love to Lena to the point I’m convinced I know what she tastes like, but nursing this crush has me walking the wire. Especially since we work together.
Because I’m not superhero material, I don’t sport a cape, and it’s unlikely I’m here to avenge Manhattan. There’s no logical explanation as to why I go poof and vanish in plain sight whenever my heart rate’s elevated, or why my sister can now change the shape of her body.
Yet here I am, wetting my lips knowing I won’t stand a chance to play by the books.

Disclaimer: This standalone is recommended for mature readers due to graphic language and sexual content.

Publication date 12/7/2021

Loving Lena: An Adult Fantasy Romance by Esther Rabbit

My Review

First book I’ve read by this author. And I couldn’t put it down!

Normal people who get superpowers and how they deal with it.

Told in both the main characters points of view.
There are a few moments that some people might find upsetting, so read the disclaimer first.

Damon is dealing with a superpower that’s linked to stress, he has a habit of vanishing, and at the most awkward moments. He’s also got a massive crush on Lena. But she doesn’t know he exists!
Lena is a great character, very outspoken and knows her own mind. Born into a rich family, bit what Lena wants is time and not gifts thrown at her!

I liked that Damon spoke to Lena through a diary and letters. But does he send them or are they just a way for him to express himself?

Lena and Damon had a real connection. Once they realise how much they get on and have in common. The supporting characters were great too, I liked most of Damon’s family. But they could have helped him a little more.

There is an incident that could have wrecked their relationship, but they somehow manage to get through it, and I think it makes them a stronger team.

Recommend? Definitely, and I hope it’s not the last we get to see of this couple.

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