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Arc Review/New Release


A second chance at love – demon style…

Boris Chesnokov is one responsible demon. Leader of one of the most powerful demon clans on earth, he puts his family and clan above his own happiness. After losing the love of his life centuries ago, Boris doesn’t believe he will find love again.

Love, no. Frustration, yes—in the form of a demon female who invades his compound and puts him in his place. Gwen Taylor might be small in stature, but she is big in attitude, and for once in his very long life, Boris doesn’t know how to handle that. Especially when his mother hires Gwen to help with clan business.

Now he’s spending every day with this exasperating female, and he can’t get her out of his mind. Even worse, he’s beginning to feel again. But when enemies from both their pasts resurface, can Boris and Gwen work together to protect their clan and family? And in the process open their hearts to a second chance at love?


Publication date 12/7/2021

My Review

What a way to end this series, I had hoped Boris would get a story.

Boris is the leader in the Chesnokov compound, he’s been on his own for years, he lost his mate and has been alone ever since, he’s dedicated his life to his sons and his clan, but lately as his eldest sin has taken on more responsibility (he’s the next clan leader) it’s given Boris more time to himself, he’s lonely and wishes for a mate! His mother needs help with many things in the compound, and he suggests an assistant. At first Irina is reluctant, then suddenly she’s all up for it! Boris is suspicious, and he should be, his mother is well know for meddling/matchmaking And is suspicions are proven correct when she suggests the last person he needs to see….

Gwen is mother to Sam and they’d been on the run for many years. Being charged with something she hadn’t committed! With her daughter happily mated to a demon that she met in her book, (Demons in the rough) Gwen can hopefully get on with her own life now. Settling down is going to feel strange after being in the run for many years. It’s time to think of herself.

This one is only a short story, but it packs a great deal into it.

Both Gwen and Boris have enemies, Boris’s don’t want the integration of the demons into the human world! And Gwen still needs to watch her back after the demon who orchestrated her crime gets sent to prison. She’s worried about repercussions!

We also get to catch up with previous characters/couples. And we get to say hi to one of my all time favourite characters (Kyle, she started a whole chain of books “Mind Sweeper Series” and this spin off) Irina Is just such a great character (she needs a novella 😉) a strong matriarch figure, always one step ahead of practically everyone (especially her son!)

Both Gwen and Boris are aware of one another. But Boris doesn’t want to start something with Gwen is she’s going to leave the compound soon! And Gwen is worried she will be a poor second best to Boris’s first wife! But as they spend more time with each other (probably due to his mother’s meddling) they realise they just might have a shot at a second chance at love.

Grab this book, in fact grab the whole series. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And if you want to know how it all starts, then go read the previous series.


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