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Prequel/Boxset Review/New Release

Rules of Bennett: A Dark Prequel

A Dark Prequel


Here kitty, kitty, kitty….

You can run, but you can’t hide. 

Before you were born, your father traded your life to secure his. 

He thought hiding you in another state under a new alias would save you from your awaiting fate, but I always get what’s mine. 

And it’s time to cash in. 

While your father paid in blood, you’ll pay with your life; and now you belong to me. 

My rules are simple. 

You will bow. 

You will break. 

You will obey. 

Follow them, and you’ll survive. 

And if you don’t? 

I will break you in ways that’ll make you wish you were dead. 

I am Bennett Moreno, devil in the flesh. 

Welcome to Hell.

My Review

It’s short, and it’s really twisted!! The prequel is just a taster of how Aurora becomes Bennett’s pet! Watching as Bennett isolates Aurora from family, friends and a fiancé. He is totally cold and unfeeling. We get to see how Bennett becomes a monster. Losing his mother and sister turned his father into an unfeeling man, and turning his son into a duplicate of himself. I’ve read a few dark romances/bully/mafia stories recently. But I have a feeling this one could really push my limits! The Moreno family business is partly clean and legal but the rest, are on the dark and dangerous side. Drugs, guns, prostitution and even selling women! Taking her away from everyone she loves and keeping her isolated. He’s going to teach her place. And that’s going to be on her knees! She won’t have a say, she won’t have an opinion. She’s only a toy!!

You have to sign up to the authors newsletter to get this prequel. Or you can listen to it on audible. It’s a short intro in the life of Aurora and Bennett.

The Rules of Bennett (the complete collection) by Ember Michaels

Rules of Bennett (the complete collection) by Ember Michaels


His rules are simple.
You will bow.
You will break.
You will obey.
Follow them, and you’ll survive.
And if you don’t?
He’ll break you in ways that’ll make you wish you were dead.
Do you think you can follow the rules and survive the devil known as Bennett Moreno?

The Rules of Bennett collection features books You Will Bow, You Will Break, and You Will Obey. It also includes Moreno Forever, an exclusive, full novel that leads into the World of Bennett spin off series that will only be available in this collection.

You will Bow (A Rules of Bennett Novel)

You will Bow (A Rules of Bennett Novel)

You Will Bow (Rules of Bennett Book 1)


After years of hiding, I thought I’d escaped him; but you can’t hide when you belong to the devil.
Taking away everything that I loved, he thought I’d be his perfect, broken little doll.
Little does he know, I’m not one to bend so easily.
Following his three rules is the key to my salvation, but all rules are meant to be broken—even if breaking them would lead to my death.
When a business meeting takes a tragically unexpected turn, Bennett’s armor finally cracks, revealing his weakness.
He may think he’s the devil, but the devil can be destroyed too.
With vengeance in my heart, I’ll make him pay for what he’s done.
In the end only one of us will bow.
And I bow to no man.

Publication date 24/2/2020

My Review

Aurora can’t believe what’s happened to her! Losing her estranged family was bad enough, but to watch as her fiancé was shot was just heartbreaking. Being beaten and scared by a monster is the stuff of nightmares, but it’s not a nightmare it’s now her life! Bennett is looking forward to training his new pet! It’s going to be a battle, Aurora is determined to walk away from this horror. Bennett is going to win! We get a little glimpse of the nice guy that could be Bennett, but he doesn’t turn into him very often. There is a twist that I didn’t see coming, and it’s a shocker!!!

But whose going to win? To find that out, your going to need to read the next book. You will break


The ultimate sins must be paid for in blood and it’s time to paint the town red.
When betrayals are unearthed and tragedy strikes my solid foundation, secrets are brought to light and one fact becomes clear—Wilson Moreno must die.
But taking down the man who made me won’t be easy.
For years I sat undetected, doing his dirty work while quickly becoming the perfect threat to take him down.
And now it’s time to take back what’s always been mine.
There’s only room in Hell for one devil and I have no plans of giving up my throne.
And I’m prepared to break any soul that thinks they can take it.

Publication date 9/3/2020

My Review

This book starts where the last one ended.

Bennett has a fight on his hands. The Russian’s want him, the mafia are looking for him, and his father wants him dead! But they have all underestimated him, and that will be their downfall! The ongoing battle of wills between Aurora and Bennett intensifies, punishments are a daily occurrence, he’s determined to break her mind and spirit. And on a particularly intense punishment something happens! And it sets a course that Aurora can’t change! There still is no redeeming qualities to this man! He uses people, he punishes and is vicious about it! She’s watched as friends and enemies are tortured and used! How can she get her revenge?

Easy, she’s going to become what he wants, and then strike him down!


He made me bow.
He made me break.
Now we’ve reached the final showdown.
The gates of Hell are crumbling as two monsters fight for the throne. Their prize?
My soul—or so they think.
I’ve played Bennett’s game for too long and in exchange for what I want, he requires me to follow the third rule.
And what I want is Wilson Moreno dead by my hand.
Bennett says you can’t win playing games against the devil, but he’s made me into a bigger monster than he is. When I win against him, I’ll have some rules of my own.
He will bow.
He will break.
He will be destroyed.

Publication date 4/5/2020

My Review

Taking on his father, the pair have become a team, vicious and blood thirsty! But all the while Aurora is plotting and scheming . If she doesn’t make him pay for everything he did to her then she’s done it all for nothing! Working their way through the list of people who have crossed Bennett to finally get to his father is a bloody battlefield. In this book the plot changes, yes it’s still bloody and vicious, but Bennett is growing g fond of his pet! But can she really forgive him for all he’s done to her? And if they free themselves if his father, what next for the couple?

Moreno Forever

A novella for Bennett and Aurora that’ll feature more parent life and their wedding! Moreno Forever will be at the end of the boxed set.

Cute short story about Aurora and Bennett after the everything they’ve been through. Aurora is feeling left out! Her husband is so busy with reading a new family, that she’s being forgotten! This is unacceptable! So she does the only thing she hopes will work? Will it? Bennett loves his little family he really does, and so putting in the hours to rebuild what they one had is had work, it’s time consuming. And when Aurora kicks off, he does what he does best, he punishes her! But it backfires! And she leaves him! Can he persuade her to come home? They are also still dealing with the Russians, and when an attack happens who is gunned down?

Ok, the last book was the best part. But seriously, she could have hurt him a little more than she did! It’s the first time reading a dark romance I actually wanted the anti-hero to die! He really did act like a bastard! And maybe the alter ego that helped Aurora to cope with everything that was done to her made her look at things in a different way. And maybe Stockholm syndrome could be blamed for her decision in the end. I really did like the story, I just uncomfortable with some of the scenarios that played out in the first three books.

Ember Michaels is a dark fiction author from South Carolina. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching crime shows, hanging at the beach, and devouring books from her favorite authors! Be sure to follow her on social media!
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