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Arc Review

The Girlfriend Hoax by Jannat Bhat


“Having a woman like you waiting for him in his room, in his bed, it doesn’t make sense to me that he’d leave you for anything else. I know I wouldn’t.”

“What would you do if you had me waiting for you?” I asked in a daze as I drank in his handsome face.

“This.” He said and swooped down to capture my lips.

Emma Duvall thought her life was perfect.

Well, not as perfect as it should have been but she was getting by. After setting up V&V Events with her friend, Joseph, she had convinced her mother that she wasn’t a complete waste of space and not to disown her.

Since she had no love life of her own, pretending to be Jo’s fake girlfriend when he needed help, should have been no big deal. 

Enter, Jake Vandervaal. Filthy rich with a model perfect physique and a GQ magazine face, he ran havoc on Emma’s heart, body, and soul. Forced to spend time with Jake as they arranged for his sister Jasmin’s destination wedding to an Indian Prince, was no easy task.

Falling hard for him while pretending to date his brother, would Emma be able to reveal her true feelings for Jake and tell him about the girlfriend hoax, or would it be too late before Jake left for good?

Find out in this lighthearted, witty, and romantic read!

Publication date 12/10/2020

The Girlfriend Hoax by Jannat Bhat

My Review

What a fun read. Super quick, and filled with plenty of emotions. Our heroine is guilted into helping her friend/business partner into pretending to be his girlfriend (he wants to make his ex jealous and get back with her!) Throw in the fact his sister wants them to organise her wedding, and you have the scene set for a hilarious ride.

Meeting her friends brother there is almost instant chemistry, but neither will act on it (Jake thinks they are really boyfriend/girlfriend, and Emma can’t correct him!)
So if she’s dating one man how can she tell the other one she likes him? This is a twist on the fake fiancé trope. It’s usually the fake pair that fall for one another!

But as they spend more and more time together, it’s harder to keep it to just friends. And when they finally give in and get close, Jake gets scared and runs out on Emma!
Does she forgive him? And will he forgive her when he finds out they could have been together properly?

It’s a really good story, the characters are great. I liked Joseph (the brother/boyfriend) he was such a character. And both Jake and Emma were just so suited for one another.

My only criticism is the length, I could have read these characters for hours.In fact half the book is dedicated to previous books, so it’s just over 51%!


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