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Arc Review/New Release/Book Tour

Carnage (Four Horsemen Book 1) by Sarah Bailey


Prescott Ellis – Pestilence.

They call us The Four Horsemen.

Four friends forged in fire and blood.

No one knows where we came from nor how we got our name.

Drake, Francis, West and I rule the financial industry like kings.

Gods in our own right.

We grew up with a fifth. A girl. Scarlett.

She was one of us until she was ripped away from her life. The only trace of her was dust in the wind.

One day she returned to the city and sought us out. Scarlett couldn’t remember who we’d been to her, but we recalled her all too well.

If she knew what was good for her, she would have never come back. The moment she stepped through the doors of Fortuity, it was the beginning of her end. And the start of our reign over the girl who wanted us dead.

A dark reverse harem contemporary retelling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

This is a DARK romance and therefore carries a content warning.

There are cliffhangers and an HEA in the last book.

Publication date 16/7/2021

Carnage (Four Horsemen Book 1) by Sarah Bailey

Oh good Lord!!! Just when you think this author can’t get any darker, she proves you wrong! Twisted and tormented. Be prepared to finish this book in one sitting, and then cry for the next book! Yes it’s a cliffhanger, but I’m getting use to the sensation of free falling and then landing on your face!!I could have waited to read the four books in this series, but honestly I didn’t want to.


We have a series that will give us snippets of a past all five have shared! But those snippets will be fed to use a piece at a time, keeping you hungry for more, keeping your tastebuds tingling….

Ellis/West/Francis/Drake are known as the four horsemen in business circles, young entrepreneurs that took London by storm, making people sit up and notice them. But beneath the cool and calm exteriors, lay the monsters waiting for their prey! Waiting for revenge! Waiting to take back what was theirs. It was stolen from them ten years ago, and finally the pieces are coming together, finally they will be whole! But when things don’t exactly pan out the way they thought, Ellis takes a darker path, a path that may ruin them all!!

Scarlett is on a mission, with her parents approval she going to make the four horsemen fall for her, then she’s going to wreck their lives! But Why? Sixteen years of her life is missing, she can’t call recall a single moment! But getting this new job is starting to trigger memories!

Ellis is the face of the company, his looks and charm has opened so many doors. But beneath that mask is a killer, a man who will gut you if you look at him the wrong way!
West is our resident psycho, blood and pain is the only way he survives, he’s also hiding something from us (and I can’t wait to find out what!)

Drake genius who keeps the company afloat, his stress level is astronomical, but there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his best friends.
Francis is the most level headed one of the four (but not by much) he is the voice of reason, but cross him at your own risk!
It’s told through all the main characters eyes. We get to witness their emotions, their fears and their anger.

There are definitely triggers that you need to be aware of. If you don’t like your romance with themes of violence, torture and dark themes, then please don’t pick this book.But if you love RH, if you enjoy the twisted path this author is going to take you on, then grab it, and enjoy.

They don’t trust her! So when trust is an issue, you have to test that trust! So will Scarlett gain or fail in their trust test? And can she really betray the men that she’s already falling for? And how will she cope when she finds out what they have in store for her!

Next is Chaos, and I for one can’t wait 😉

⚠️ Graphic violence, domestic violence/abuse, drug use, graphic sexual content including but not limited to: DubCon, CNC, Primal, bondage, blood play, knife play


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