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Arc Review

The Railway Countess (Mills & Boon Historical) (Heirs in Waiting, Book 2) by Julia Justiss


She didn’t want to marry

Least of all a Viscount!

Marcella Cranmore wants to avoid marriage and continue using her mathematical expertise to help her railway engineer father, but her mother insists on her having a season. At her first ball, Marcella’s relieved to see someone she knows, railway investor Crispin D’Aubignon. Conversing with the viscount is safe, for she’s as off-limits to him as he is to her…except that is only increasing the fascination!

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

Heirs in Waiting

One day these Oxford gentlemen will inherit estates, titles and wealth.

But for now, they’re forging their own paths in life…and love!

Book 1: The Bluestocking Duchess
Book 2: The Railway Countess
Book 3: The Explorer Baroness

publication date 24/6/2021
The Railway Countess (Mills & Boon Historical) (Heirs in Waiting, Book 2) by Julia Justiss

My Review

Marcella doesn’t want, or need a husband thank you! Marriage will put an end to her passion of helping her father build and design trains. But promising her mother and grandfather to attend a season in London, is becoming a frightful bore! Why can’t she allowed to work in the field she loves? Oh yes, that’s right, she’s a woman! And women were for decoration and procreation only! To be seen and not heard! Not for Marcella, she wants a partnership or nothing.

Crispin is sick of his father wanting him to marry for money! Avoiding him at all costs is becoming rather tiresome! But if he doesn’t then his poor mother has to face her husband’s wrath! He likes to earn his money the honest way, to work for it! Whereas his father wants to inherit or for his son to get a dowry for his new wife!

So when they meet each other, an alliance is formed, a front will be provided for both parties. And when it’s all done, no one will be hurt, and everyone else will be none the wiser…..

In theory it sounds like a great plan, but neither expect to grow fond of one another. Neither expected more from this arrangement, but it does.

So can Crispin woo the lovely young Marcella? And will she believe he wants her for her brain and not the dowry that comes with marriage? And if this other suitor puts his claim out there, who will Marcella choose?

I’ve read book one in this series. But it’s not necessary to read in order.

It’s a sweet romance, so if your looking for smut, you won’t find it here. What you will find is a beautifully written story. With a strong female character and a hero who is willing to listen and be a modern man, rather than a chest thumping Neanderthal!
There is humour and quick wit. A rival for the fair Marcella’s hand, and parents that want what’s best for their children (even if the children don’t want it!) I did like the scene where Marcella dresses as a man (unheard of in those days) but Crispin is having a hard time focusing on the task at hand 😆 I also liked that Marcella had a brain and it was being utilised by her father. He saw her potential and nurtured it.

About the Author

Long before embarking on romantic adventures of her own, Julia Justiss read about them, transporting herself to such favourite venues as ancient Egypt, World War II submarine patrols, the Old South and, of course, Regency England. Soon she was keeping notebooks for jotting down story ideas. When not writing or traveling, she enjoys watching movies, reading and puttering about in the garden trying to kill off more weeds than flowers.

Published by jab1969

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