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Audio Review

Rhyker’s Key: Orion’s Order, Book 2 by M.C. Solaris And narrated Jarman Day


Rhyker, tattooed bad boy and lethal jaguar shifter, falls for the sweet and caring healer Keena. Except she’s determined to keep him in the friend zone. Good thing he’s a predator that enjoys the hunt. Together, can they heal their past and forge a future bonded with true love?

Second book in the Orion’s Order series 

Keena Oliver

I am haunted by my past mistakes. Mistakes that I have no idea how I even made. I am an educated mind and spirit healer, after all. So, how in the holy healer hell did I end up in a relationship where the male who I thought I loved.

Yeah, it’s probably best not to rehash those nightmares. But if I don’t dare open up that box to my past, then how am I ever going to be able to move on? Especially because I so want to move on with a certain sexy male. A male whose lips devoured mine in a darkened corner that one time. A male whose predatory piercing blue eyes practically track my every move. A male who I shouldn’t be fantasizing about every second of every day. 

Why? Because, it would ruin me.

Rhyker Kingsley

I’ve had my eye on a certain female for almost a year now. A female who is damn determined to keep me in the friend zone. A female who’s been hurt by her ex, but refuses to open up to me about it. 

So, you could say I go through a lot of smokes. A f–king lot.

Meanwhile, my pack of lethally trained and skilled hunters and I are gunning for an evil SOB who not only signed his death warrant the second he tried to come after my pack sister and mate to our alpha, but also the f–ker poses a threat to our world as we know it. 

Yet, said ancient powerful bastard has gone off the grid and is all but impossible to track.

Oh, and did I mention that the past seems to be mixing with the present? I mean, the f–k is this? The revenge year of the shitty exes?

So, excuse me while I light up a smoke…or two.

HEA. sexy paranormal shifter romance. multiple POV’s. mature content

Audio publication date 13/7/2021

Rhyker’s Key: Orion’s Order, Book 2 by M.C. Solaris And narrated Jarman Day

My Review

I’ve read the book, so when the audio finally comes out, I’m there with my earphones ready and waiting. And at over 20 hours of audio I clocked in a few miles as I walked to this amazing story.

Told by the amazing voice of Jarman Day, the hours will just fade away. He has a voice that will soothe and give you the tingles 😉I loved how he brought Rhyker to life, his wicked sense of humour and his passion for the stunning spirit healer. He manages to separate each character with subtle vocal inflections.

The story comes to life, I love this book. How Keena and Rhyker find one another. It’s not easy and it’s certainly not simple. We get to catch up with the rest of the order. And I love hanging out with everyone, there is love, laughter, tears and a few twists.

Oh and the footnote left by Rhyker and Keena was absolutely hilarious.

Highly recommended for a summer listening by the pool.


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