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Hunting Gorgeous: A Romantic Suspense by B. B. Hamel


My past is littered with broken bones and what-ifs.
I won’t let her become just another bad memory.

My name’s Nick Splitter, and I hunt serial killers.

That’s my whole life, at least until I meet Rose, and she changes everything.

She caught the eye of a notorious psychopath, and if I can’t stop him in time then she’ll be his next victim.

I’m an FBI agent. I’m supposed to be buttoned up, and I’m supposed to follow the rules. For most of my life, I only cared about the hunt.

But now, Rose makes me want to strip down and let go of my anger.

We both have a dark past, smeared in blood and tragedy, and I’m not about to let her get hurt again.

I’ll do what it takes to find the killer.

Then I’ll make sure Rose doesn’t get away.

It’s a brand new series! This is the first book in the Hunters saga, which will follow an elite squad of FBI agents trained to track and capture serial killers. It’s slightly dark, very steamy, and extremely exciting! As always, it’s a standalone, with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Publication date 2/2/2021

Hunting Gorgeous: A Romantic Suspense by B. B. Hamel

My Review

Nick lost someone close to him many years ago, and that had always stayed with him, maybe that’s why he became a private detective, from there he was taken into the FBI fold and became a hunter of killers. But this one is distracting him, many times he’s almost caught the CGK (Cam Girl Killer) but he’s getting closer……

Rose doesn’t really know what to do with her life, dropping out from college she’s just living in a bubble, losing her beloved Gramma was bad enough, but to lose a sister to a cold blooded killer, well that’s just not right. And then when she finds out she’s on the killers radar…..

Moving in with Rose might not be the smartest thing to do, but using her as bait to catch the CGK? That’s just wrong, but it’s their only hope if they are to capture this menace! And Nick thinks if he can protect her, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Theirs is a slow burn romance, Nick is here to do a job and not the sister! But he’s attracted her, and what’s more it’s being reciprocated, but both of them need to keep an eye out. Someone’s watching them! And isn’t happy with Rose falling for Nick!!

A scorching hot read. Throw in a killer and I couldn’t put it down.

Short but packed it all in nicely, and at some point I did wonder if the killer would get another book?

And a free bonus scene at the end of the book (via a link) Win-Win😉


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