Kindle Review …. Dark Skies : A Dark Fae Romance, A Dark Paranormal Romance (Dark Fae: Extinction Book 2) by Quinn Blackbird 👩🏻‍💻

Dark Skies : A Dark Fae Romance, A Dark Paranormal Romance (Dark Fae: Extinction Book 2) by Quinn Blackbird


A lone, brutal fae warrior and a lost, wounded human … and desires so forbidden they must be fought.

The warrior who stole me when I was meant to die by his hand has other plans. Binding me in rope, he is dragging me across the planes of France in a journey to find the rest of his unit. 
It should be a long, gruelling trek with cruelties from this wicked beast —

And yet

I find him watching me in the dark, tending to my wounds, and protecting me from other more sinister threats. 
This isn’t what was supposed to happen when I emptied that gun into him. I was supposed to die. 
Now, I’m suffered to live too close to a beast I am learning to hate a little less than I should.

But I still plan on killing him.

Publication date 3/11/2020
My Review …. 
We start this part of the series roughly where the last book ended. 
Coralie is a prisoner of a dark Fae soldier, Coralie and Spike (part of the group she was with) were the only survivors of the bomb they tried to detonate and kill the fae soldiers that were after them. It wiped out the soldiers, leaving just one deadly fae. But it also killed the group Spike and Coralie were with! 
Making his way back to his unit, the fae drags his prisoners across the French countryside. He doesn’t care if they are wounded, he doesn’t care if they are starving, he’s going to get back to his soldiers (I’m not sure why he wants Coralie and Spike) 
There is an uneasy feeling between the three. The fae doesn’t trust the humans, Coralie just wants to kill the warrior then herself, and maybe take Spike out too (no love lost between the two human, she thinks Spike is a creep, and i totally agree) 
There is no give in the warrior, he tends to his wounds, but doesn’t care about the welfare of his prisoners (in fact I think he gets great delight being exceptionally cruel to Coralie) 
There is nothing but fear and animosity towards the warrior, so I don’t see how we are going to make a romance out of this book. 
And when Coralie tries to take out her enemy, it backfires hugely and with Spike turning traitor, it looks like Coralie’s life is about to end…… 
And that where it ends!!!! Man it’s getting good. 
She still isn’t a hero, her sole aim now in life is to kill the fae warrior and then meet her end!! 
It’s all very dark and depressing but also fascinating….. 
How humans are now practically extinct. Small pockets of resistance, but with the Dark Fae being so powerful it’s only a matter of time before the human race is no more!! 
The description is a little misleading, there is no protection, there is only hate! She may have gotten to look at the warrior naked once, but I don’t think it’s enough for her to change her mind! He spends time looking at her, but then torments her, and when he believes Spike over Coralie?!?! 
Yet another cliffhanger ending!!! Definitely keeps you wanting more! 

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