Kindle Review…. Shadow Fae: A Dark Paranormal Romance, Enemies to Lovers (Dark Fae: Extinction Book 1) by Quinn Blackbird๐Ÿ“ฑ

Shadow Fae: A Dark Paranormal Romance, Enemies to Lovers (Dark Fae: Extinction Book 1) by Quinn Blackbird


Fans of LAURA THALASSA, C.N. CRAWFORD and JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT will love this dark, apocalypse-driven series.

The world was plunged into eternal darkness, riddled by plagues and famines. Then when most of humanity had fallen, they came to finish us off. 
The dark fae, brutal warriors of myth, came to kill the last of the humans in this new, dark world.

This is a novella rapid-release series for KU. For purchase-to-read, please check out the box set which is the full collection of the whole series, available on pre-order now.

Content warnings are as follows โ€“ mentions of suicidal ideation, graphic violence, graphic erotic scenes, dark romance, dark psychology. These are not your friendly neighbourhood fae and I like my heroines twisted. โ€”Quinn Blackbird

Publication date 27/10/2020
My Review…. 
With a start that intense and dark, it should be a good read…… 
I have to admit, it felt very surreal reading this at the moment….. 
The pandemic sweeping the world feels like an invasion and so I found it hard work at first, and then to find out it written within another series I did have to wonder if I was missing a little information. 
But as I travelled further into the book, I didnโ€™t worry about another series, I only wondered and worried about the characters in this book. 
So a quick recap, the world was invaded by a plague then an invasion of dark Fae, I get the impression they donโ€™t want to rule us, they want to wipe us off the face of this planet…. 
They burn their way through the world taking very few prisoners, not sure why they want to wipe humans from existence. 
Coralie and a small group of people have banded together for safety, but they are being picked off a couple at a time. 
But now, they want to fight back, they want to hurt the dark Fae, or at least die trying! What I like about Coralie is the fact sheโ€™s not a hero, sheโ€™s a coward, but in her position Iโ€™d be the same, Iโ€™d be hiding behind the door, and out the door! In fact sheโ€™s thinking of taking her own life! Sheโ€™s had enough of trying to survive, but with each battle sheโ€™s survived, but if they take her out, she wonโ€™t be sorry to leave this scorched and barren world! 
And coming face to face with a fae itโ€™s not instant love, itโ€™s not even dislike, itโ€™s fae trying to kill Coralie and the people sheโ€™s travelling with, and itโ€™s humans trying to kill the dark Fae, it bloody, brutal and graphic….
And now sheโ€™s a prisoner of the dark fae, not dead, oh no, because she has something thatโ€™s important to her survival! 
Itโ€™s a dark fantasy.  
Dystopian world 
Very Graphic 
Not my normal reading material, and I have to admit itโ€™s darker than I thought it might be, but a fabulous read. It feels like your living in the moment with Coralie, your hiding from the fae, your palms get sweaty and I definitely got the tension that the author was building. 
Nothing is skipped in this short story, really well written, descriptions come alive and your running for your life. 
And I canโ€™t wait to see where this story takes us……
And just to warn you, itโ€™s a cliffhanger!! 

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