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Kindle Review…. DAKOTA LUCK: Book Six of The Touch by Stoni Alexander 📱

DAKOTA LUCK: Book Six of The Touch by Stoni Alexander  




I’m angry…angry in my bones.

Fury fuels me to find the monster who took my wife. To exact vengeance for her death. He’ll look forward to meeting the devil when I’m done with him.

My salvation? My precious child. She’s my entire universe. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her safe.


I’m living two completely different lives. When the sun goes down, this real estate mogul and doting daddy becomes a dangerous, ruthless, and lethal vigilante. Every kill leaves another blemish on my tarnished, tortured soul.

But I don’t give a damn.

I’m broken…until she storms into my wicked world. She’s bold, brilliant, and so damn beautiful. I’m drawn to her in ways I can’t explain and can’t control. She’s what I crave, what I need…what my daughter needs. Then, I learn the shocking truth about her.

She’s been sent on a mission to destroy me. 

And only she has the power to save me.


He’s my target.

The Bureau’s got me on a damn babysitting gig to find out if some wealthy playboy is a cold-blooded killer. His money doesn’t impress me. Neither does his charisma or his power.

But my walls start to crumble when his piercing blue eyes glimpse my lonely soul. I remind myself this is just a case…like all the others.

That steamy kiss—the one that rocketed me to the moon—wasn’t part of the job. I need to push him away, only I can’t.

Then, I meet his adorable daughter. She holds the secret to healing my shattered heart. Still, none of this should matter because it’s just one more assignment.

But it does matter.

When his secrets become mine, and my mission becomes ours, my heart and my soul are invested in protecting this man and his child. Saving their lives means saving my own.

I lost everything once.

I can’t lose them, too.

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Reading Order: 
The Touch Series:  
IN WALKED SIN: Book  Five  

My Review……

I’ve not read the other books, I haven’t even gone and looked at the other books. 
Once I’ve read the book, I’m going to go and find out the other books (although I have a feeling most of the men in this book are single) 
Dakota needs revenge, in fact he lives for only two things in his life now, revenge for the death of his beloved wife and caring for his daughter. Nothing else, no one else exists as far as he’s concerned. 
By day he owns and works as a real estate/broker, but by night he stalls the streets looking for his wife’s murderer. 
Providence is a great character, she’s good at her job, but she longs to have someone to talk to. She can’t tell family and friends she she really does! And being in character for so long is draining! 
The sparks fly between Dakota and Providence from the first moment they lay eyes on one another. But Dakota thinks she belongs to one of his friends, and he’d never poach a girlfriend, but he can’t get her out of his head. And Providence is on the jo, if she can prove Dakota and his friends are the vigilantes that are killing people, then she’s going to have to take them down. No one should be above the law. 
We watch as they fight their attraction for one another. They admire one another, but they can only fight if for so long! And when they give in …… 
Loved the chapter titles, most made me chuckle. Sammy/Samantha just stole my heart away. Such a cute character. And such a daddy’s little girl. 
So can Dakota find his wife’s murderer? And will it quieten the demons that demand justice? And when Dakota finds out Providence’s mission, can he forgive her? Or will they both find the happiness that they both deserve? 

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