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Push: The Devereaux Duet by Sadie Rose


Fresh out of college, Olivia Monroe has a new apartment and job living in San Francisco with her best friend. Hoping for a fresh start drama free, Olivia has a chance encounter with an attractive stranger who turns out to be more than she bargained for. 

Now her fresh start is becoming more precarious by the day as she navigates work, love, and a secret she intends to keep.

Publication date 6/8/2021

Push: The Devereaux Duet by Sadie Rose

My Review 

The first book by this author, and already I’m eagerly waiting for book two.  

Moving to a new town is scary enough, but to leabe all you know for a man is something Olivia now regrets! 

And when she sees the man she’s suppose to be living her dream with another woman, Olivia is mortified! But a handsome stranger comes to her rescue. 

Convinced she’s never going to see him again, Olivia puts him out of her mind, so imagine her surprise when she finds out he’s the owner of the company she now works for! 

And he makes it plain for everyone to see that he’s interested in pursuing Olivia! 

But not for a chance at romance, no all he wants is a good time! 

No thanks, Olivia had learnt her lesson. From now on its career first and love can wait!! 

But Roman doesn’t take no for an answer, and slowly wears Olivia down. 

But in doing so he’s captured by her, he’s fascinated with her wit and personality. She’s not interested in his money, has he really found someone that likes him as he is, and not his status? 

Supporting characters were great I loved her friend Madison, and Raymond her work colleague is just so funny. 

And Jeff the guy she was suppose to be dating, well he’s still around, have we seen the last of him? 

Told in Olivia’s point of view (although we do get to see the ending told in Roman’s point of view. 

We get caught up in her life and troubles, we commiserate in her losses, we cheer when she get ahead. And then throw our hands up even it all comes crashing down around her! 

The ending is a cliffhanger, the next book isn’t due out till next year!! 

And now I’m left wondering what will happen next!! 

You could wait for book two, but don’t, grab Olivia and Roman’s book, fall in love with the characters. 

It’s going to be a good excuse to read their story again before the next book is out. 


Sadie Rose is an American author who pens fantasy novellas and romance novels. When she isn’t writing she enjoys spending her free time reading, watching television and traveling.

She lives on the west coast with her husband, son and cat.

*Instagram @SadieRoseAuthor

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