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Hellbent Hero (Knight’s Legion MC Book 3) by Naomi Porter


Welcome to the Knight’s Legion MC. Where nasty and nice get naughty together.

Tara. My Roja.
Together, we will rise from the ashes.

As Sergeant at Arms of the Knight’s Legion MC, I am the protector. I face death head-on, holding the memory of my loved ones close.

Until a striking pair of doe eyes and crimson hair makes me rethink my death wish. Question whether I’m deserving of a second chance.

Roja has her secrets. I see through her smart mouth and attitude.
She’s like me. Broken and alone.

Guilt overrules my newfound hope after a soul-binding weekend together. I destroy the woman I can’t live without, sending her spiraling into darkness.

But I hold on with a death grip, refusing to lose another woman I love. Hellbent on claiming her. Roja is mine.

WARNING: This series contains dark elements and possible triggers. Elements include those of self-harm. Reader discretion advised.

Publication date 6/8/2021

Hellbent Hero (Knight’s Legion MC Book 3) by Naomi Porter

My Review

Book three in this series, and I’m hooked! This series just keeps getting better. Enough action to keep you entertained and plenty of steam to keep it interesting 😉

We met Hero in the last couple of books, and he’s struggling! Sargent-At-Arms for the Knights Legion MC and best friend to Storm (President and main character in the last two books)

Tara is such a great character, in the outside is a loud and brash redhead. But get behind those walls, and she’s a troubled mess (we get to find out what makes Tara tick in this book) but she’s not out for the count, nope, she might be a little broken, but she’s working on it.

There is no need to read the first two books, but it will give you background on both Tara and Hero. And if you do read this one, I bet you’ll go back to read the others 😉Tara will just about break your heart, knock after knock, and yet she still keeps getting up! Hero too hasn’t had a great past, and so these two should be ideal for one another. But Hero constantly pushes Tara away, but he can’t stay away! So how can they work towards a future together?

This story was more about the emotional journey two people take towards one another and how they’ll figure it out. There isn’t much in the way of drama (kidnappings and beatings in the last two books!) but that’s what makes this book my favourite in the series so far. It doesn’t always have to be guns blazing, it can be more of a catch up and set up for the next couple of books. And there are plenty of characters that need stories 😉


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