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Rescued by her Bear (Black Ridge Bears Shifter Romance Series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton


Leaving his cosy cabin at Black Ridge in the middle of a winter storm isn’t Lowe’s idea of a good time, but he’ll do whatever his alpha wants. With his twin for company, he battles the blizzard and his grouchy bear side, trying to keep his spirits up. When his brother brings up his bad habit of getting his heart broken, Lowe is sure things can’t get any worse… and then a gunshot echoes around the valley and the smell of blood sends his instincts wild.

And when he finds the owner of the delicate, tempting scent and sets eyes on the most beautiful female he’s ever seen, fear and hope collide as he realises she’s human but everything inside him roars ‘fated mate’.

Going on the run hadn’t been in Cameo’s life plan, but when her nice-guy-turned-drug-lord ex kills her brother and sets his sights on her, the binder goes out of the window. Staying one step ahead of Karl and his men is vital to staying alive, but a wrong turn leads her into a remote valley and what looks like the end of the line… until a gorgeous six-six mountain of a man rescues her and growls a vow to protect her.

As the heat that crackles between them blazes into an inferno, Cameo is torn between accepting Lowe’s help and leaving to keep him safe. With the clock ticking and the men hunting her drawing ever closer, will Cameo follow her head or her heart?

If you love bear shifter romances featuring hot alpha heroes and strong heroines in an immersive paranormal romance world, the Black Ridge Bears series is for you!

Discover five growly bear shifters guaranteed to become your next book boyfriends in this hot new shapeshifter romance series from New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author Felicity Heaton, set in the same rich and addictive world as her Eternal Mates and Cougar Creek Mates paranormal romance series.
Book 1: Stolen by her Bear
Book 2: Rescued by her Bear
Book 3: Saved by her Bear – Coming Aug 2021
Book 4: Unleashed by her Bear – Coming Sept 2021
Book 5: Awakened by her Bear – Coming Oct 2021

No cliffhangers. No cheating. Just passionate paranormal romance books with a guaranteed happily forever after!

Rescued by her Bear (Black Ridge Bears Shifter Romance Series Book 2) by Felicity Heaton

My Review

Book two in the new series by this author. And there isn’t much I haven’t read by her.This is a spin off from her cougar series, which in turn is a spin off from her fated mates series. And believe me, once you’ve read this book you’ll be going back to the beginning 😉

Bears usually hibernate for the winter. And these shifter bears are no different, except when the cougar pride hold a party and wake the bear clan up! First book saw the clan leader Saint meet his mate Holly (who is friends with the cougar clan)

This book runs alongside the first book.Saint has sent twin brothers Lowe and Knox to prepare the lodge for hiding his prize (you’ll need to read Stolen by her Bear, to get that full story!) Lowe has always been grateful to Saint for taking both his brother and himself into his all male bear clan. Losing their parents set up a chain of events that saw them homeless and without a clan! But to set them on their way in the middle of winter is pushing the leadership!

Cameo is on the run from her brothers killers! Escaping to the snowy parts of Black Ridge seemed like a good idea at the time. But as the weather worsens, she has to wonder if she did the right thing! And the killers are closing in…..

I’m loving this series, it’s set in the winter, and so the shifter bears would usually be asleep. It’s also great knowing you could see a cougar at anytime.

Lowe is a great character, probably the softest of the bear clan, always ready to help, and always getting his heart trampled on! He wishes he could be more like his twin Knox, the love them and leave them type! But Lowe gets too invested too quick and usually scares off potential mates! So he’s going to be a bachelor bear from now on….

Cameo is just a great character, she’s strong and a very determined young lady. She knows how to stay ahead of her killers, but she’s also quite vulnerable. Too trusting some would say. She also knows there is something going on with her rescuer, give her a little time and she going to figure it out.

There is an instant connection for Lowe to Cameo, but it takes a little longer for her to trust and open up to Lowe. Both know that what ever they have between them won’t last forever! Cameo is human and doesn’t belong with Lowe. She’s going to want to go back to civilisation eventually.

So will Cameo trust Lowe and his clan to help her get justice for her brother? And what will she do when she finds out the man she’s learning to trust had a huge secret?


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