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Dark Roulette (Games we play) Book 3 by Lindsey Powell


The games I play, they’re cruel.

The punishments I dole out, they cause maximum impact.

The words I speak, they’re soul-destroying.

But my place on this earth is not to make everyone think that rainbows and fairies exist.

The world turns and most people just want to turn a blind eye to the bad that surrounds them daily. But those of us that keep our eyes open, we know where the bad lurks and where the enemies live.

I grew up living in the underworld.

I am a natural born leader.

And now it’s my time to rule.

Becoming someone else’s prey isn’t an option.

And neither is love.

I pushed away the only woman I have ever felt anything for because love makes you weak.

Love makes you blind.

And I’ve barricaded my dark heart behind walls made of steel.

The only problem is, the woman in question is a part of my world too, and she’s about to make me question every thing I have tried to do to keep her away from me.

Will she be the one to own my dark soul?

Or will I end up destroying everything she thinks she knows about love?

I’m Marshall Turner, and this is my story.

*Please note that Marshall’s story is a dark romance containing violence which may be a trigger for some*

**Each title in the Games we Play series can be read as a stand-alone novel and is intended for readers 18 years and over.

There are cameos from each of the characters throughout the series. You don’t have to read every book to enjoy, but it may enhance your reading experience if you do.***

Publication date 10/8/2021

Dark Roulette (Games we play) Book 3 by Lindsey Powell

My Review

⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️ please read the advisement before buying the book.

Marshall isn’t a nice guy, in fact if you don’t read the description, you’d think he was an enforcer for an underworld family, but he’s much more than that…. On his head will rest the crown and title his family has worked so hard for, he’s ready to take the reigns and rule. He doesn’t need anyone except family. But with such a dark heart, he doesn’t think he can love or is deserving of love. So he’s spiteful, mean and cruel to the only woman who could and can love him….

Can he truly open up to her, or has he left it too late?

Sophia is such a great character, very strong and resourceful. She knows who and what she wants, and I don’t think anything or anyone will get in her way. She’s known him and his family forever, so she knows what he’s like (it’s not going to came as a shock to see his dark side) She had her own dark side that comes out when needed. She is just what Marshall needs, if only he would see it!! She’s not going to give up……

It is dark, it is also a little uncomfortable. You wanted Marshall to stop pushing Sophia away, you wanted him to admit he wanted, needed and loved her (I did shout at my kindle a few times!!) there is violence in this book, there is also the matter of a play to take power from Marshall and his family! That’s not going to happen, but in his haste to push Sophia away, he puts her in the firing line of his enemies! And when she’s taken from him, will he finally realise what he had? And will he be able to get her back?

The Games we play series can be read out of order, and I have to admit I’ve not read any of the previous books, but I’m definitely going back to read all about Marshall’s family.


Lindsey lives in South West, England, with her partner and two children. She works within a family run business, and she began her writing career in 2013. She finds the time to write in-between working and raising a family. Lindsey’s love of reading inspired her to create her own book series. Her favourite book genre is romance, but her interests span over several genre’s including mystery, suspense and crime. You can find Lindsey on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Goodreads: Website:

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