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Fail Me (Florida Flowers Book 1) by Elodie Colt


That thunderstorm was my personal doomsday.

On top of my failing author career, my car is now a wreck, and my garden a demolition zone.

Then Matthew, the dexterous farm-boy, shows up. Cocky, smug, and shamefully hot in flannel and ripped jeans.

Pros: He offered to help fix up my garden and is the perfect inspiration for my next bestseller.

Cons: He’s not just my neighbor’s temporary gardener, but also her dirty weekend adventure. Reason enough for me to push him past my off-limits line.

Fine by me. I’ll keep him as my naughty, little fantasy.

One that unravels into a cruel nightmare when he sneaks into my room and catches me with my hands down my pants.

Either I’ll marry the guy, or I’ll die of humiliation.

Better to start digging my grave, I guess.

Get ready for FAIL ME, the FLORIDA FLOWERS series starter and a story full of dirty secrets, steamy passion, and soul-crushing love that fans of Helena Hunting, Ashley Jade, and LJ Shen are sure to devour! 

A bright future or a dirty weekend adventure? 

Dive into this slow burn, Steamy Contemporary Romance Novel to find out what sexy farm-boy, Matthew Mallory, will decide. 

*Recommended age 18+

*No cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed!

*This book is part of a 5-book, loosely connected standalone series.

Publication date 12/8/2021

Fail Me (Florida Flowers Book 1) by Elodie Colt

My Review

A slight twist to this one, and it made a nice change.

Poor Matthew is an orange grower, and he’s facing financial ruin. He loves the orchards that he works, he can’t believe he’s going to lose it all!! Throw in the fact his father is suffering with Alzheimer’s, he can’t afford to keep on his workers and his drinking is becoming a problem!

Samantha is a writer, but bills won’t wait for her next bestseller, things need paying now. Her parents aren’t much help, they are too focused on helping other people rather than their own daughter. And they’ve never really been on board with her being a journalist/writer!

I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of Matthews at first, there’s cocky and there’s rude cocky, and he was just rude. But you have to feel sorry for him, to lose his livelihood has to be a blow. To be propositioned/hired by an older woman who knew his mother as a Gardner/handyman has to feel demeaning. But to use a predicament to further his own gain was a little despicable and rather underhanded (even if I did understand the reasons behind it)

Misunderstandings and miscommunication has this couple at loggerheads with each other. Samantha won’t poach on another woman’s patch, even though both mother and daughter have their eye on the gardener! But looking at Matthew is creating a stir in both her loins and her laptop!! 😂 He’s becoming the star in her new book……

There is laughter, a few great one liners and funny moments. A little angst as their feelings aren’t returned. And then betrayal!
Can they really get past all these issues to be together?

It’s the first book in a new series, so I’m hoping we get to see glimpses of Samantha and Matthew in the future books.


Slow-burn. Steamy. Sassy.
Elodie Colt is a USA Today bestselling Paranormal & Contemporary Romance author from Austria. When she’s not busy writing books that go beyond run-of-the-mill alpha stories, she spends her time binge-watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, playing the guitar, or hitting the gym. The fact that German is her mother tongue didn’t keep her from giving her dream to publish in English a chance. Whatever she writes, she has one goal – to make you cry, laugh and wet at the same time 😉

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