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Tempted: A Cowboy Shifter Romance (Two Marks Book 2) by Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale

Tempted: A Cowboy Shifter Romance (Two Marks Book 2) by Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale


We see a female, we want her.

But she’s a wolf biologist prepared to expose us to the world.

We scent a female, we claim her.

Except we can’t claim the one who could destroy our pack.

We touch a female, we give her two marks.

Yet we can’t mark her without sharing everything.

Because in the Two Marks pack, shifters share.

Two cowboys for every mate. If she can ever be ours.

Renee Rose and Vanessa Vale are back with more steamy shifter cowboys! Be sure to read the Wolf Ranch series, then swing by Two Marks, Wyoming because you know it’s going to be hot. Possessive. Wild. Times two. Everything you want in romance… and more.

Publication date 17/8/2021

My Review…..

When two of my favourite authors get together you can be sure it’s going to be hot….

This is a spin off from their Wolf Ranch series, it’s not necessary to have read them (I think I’ve only read one so far!) But I’m definitely going back to Wyoming soon 😉

Caitlin is a Wolf biologist, in fact she loves wolves, what she doesn’t love, is being told no to her research!! She needs to tag and study wolves, and there are wolves roaming on the two Mark’s ranch, but the owner said NO!! Well guess what? Caitlin is just going to ignore that request!! 

Landry is the alpha’s brother, so is in charge whilst his brother is away (claiming his mate) he’s not overly fond of the role, but will do his duty until his brother/alpha comes home. 

Wade is an enforcer whilst Ben is away (who is claiming his mate with Gibson) but his main job is the head of IT, Wade isn’t an enforcer, and can’t wait till Ben gets back to take the role back. 

Wade had met Caitlin two weeks previously. She thinks is was a random chat up, drinks and a little fun. But Wade knows different! He was send there by his alpha to spy on the Wolf biologist and find out what she knows.

Except Wade is stunned to find out he’s found his mate! So claiming and mating will have to wait until Landry can join them….

Two Marks Wolves mate in pairs, so Landry and Wade have always known they would mate and claim the same woman. I did like the idea of scent matching (where both males smell the same) it gives a different spin on the smell they give off to each other.

They had expected a female wolf, what they weren’t expecting was the female who may be involved in the death of several local wolves!

So when all three finally meet up, it’s Instalove and full on lust…… Wade and Landry want to claim Caitlin as their own, but they need to be sure she’s not involved in the killing of wolves (one happened to be a shifter!!)

So can all three really be together? Is Caitlin responsible for the death of the wolves she loves so much? 

It’s a story that’s full of love/lust/passion and spankings 😉 it also has angst, betrayal and a little sadness.               

I love the ranch and can’t wait to come back and visit Excerpt from Book….


They walked me backward several feet, then Landry turned me around and carefully removed my backpack. “Hands on the fence, sugar,” he ordered.

Wade stepped forward. “Wait. It might have splinters.” He tugged his shirt off over his head and draped it over the weathered wood. I tried not to whimper at the sight of his bare chest. There was a smattering of dark hair between his flat nipples. It tapered down to his chiseled abs, and formed a line that disappeared beneath his jeans.

“Um… okay.” I placed my hands on top of the shirt, my fingers wrapping around the post.

“Ass out, sugar.” Landry’s rumble held warmth and satisfaction, like he couldn’t wait to punish me.

For a moment, I didn’t move, my brain and my desire not in sync. But these men had had the opportunity to hurt me if they’d wanted to. They wouldn’t do it now.

I relaxed into the pose, giving over to what I truly wanted to try, hollowing my lower back and pushing my butt out in their direction. Landry’s hand slid down my spine, wrapped around my waist, and unclipped the bear spray, setting in at my feet. His palm cupped my left ass cheek through my jeans, stroked it, then left it. His hand slapped down with a muffled crack.

I startled, but it wasn’t all that hard of a swat. I felt the sting, but it quickly morphed into heat.

Wade then smacked my right.

“Ow!” I laughed because his strike hurt. It was also ridiculous and hot. They were right: double the hands.

“She likes it,” Wade said to Landry, who only made a sound deep in his chest as response.

Landry landed another spank. Wade followed suit.

Damn. I never thought getting spanked could be so sexy, but I was wetter than a running faucet, and my excitement grew with each slap that landed. As my skin began to tingle with heat, my core turned molten. I wiggled my hips, trying to seek relief.

With some silent agreement, they picked up speed, and I started to shift as the burn grew hotter.

I panted as my temperature rose everywhere. We were alone out in the Wyoming wilderness. I could only imagine what we looked like, which only made me hotter.

Two big alpha hotties spanking me. In the wild. We were wild. And that was… scary.

“Ow,” I said, meaning it now that they’d ensured I was with them. “Jeez, are you done? Wasn’t there supposed to be a pleasure part?”

Both men immediately stopped at my protest, relieving the niggling worry I had that I’d made a mistake. Landry stepped into my side and massaged the cheek he’d been smacking, while slipping his other hand between my legs from the front. “This kind of pleasure?” he rumbled against my ear.

I couldn’t help the wanton moan that slipped from my lips. “Th-that’s a start,” I managed, liking the feel of his palm through my jeans.

“Wait until you taste her,” Wade said. Landry pressed the seam of my jeans against my clit, which only set me off because until this point, they’d only made contact with my butt.

Oh. My. God.


Arc supplied by Valentine PR

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