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Chaos (Four Horsemen Book 2) by Sarah Bailey


West Greer – War.

They say violence is never the answer.
I beg to differ. There’s no peace without a little pain.
Drake, Prescott, Francis and I are monsters who live up to their name.
The Four Horsemen.
Gods reincarnated as men.

Scarlett returned to the fold, but not as the girl we once knew. The girl I’d been obsessed with my whole life. The one I’d have given everything for.

It all changed when she walked into Fortuity and gave us a run for our money. Battle lines were drawn. Flags erected. And we were at a stalemate.

If she thought we were backing down, she was in for a wake up call. It was time Scarlett learnt who she really was. And why we would never let her go again.

A dark reverse harem contemporary retelling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

This is a DARK romance and therefore carries a content warning.

There are cliffhangers in the first three books and an HEA in the last book.

Publication date 27/8/2021

Chaos (Four Horsemen Book 2) by Sarah Bailey
Sarah writes dark, contemporary, reverse harem, erotic and paranormal romances. She adores all forms of steamy romance and can always be found with a book or ten on her Kindle. She loves anti-heroes, alpha males and flawed characters with a little bit of darkness lurking within. Her writing buddies nicknamed her ‘The Queen of Steam’ for her pulse racing sex scenes which will leave you a little hot under the collar.

Born and raised in Sussex, UK near the Ashdown Forest where she grew up climbing trees and building Lego towns with her younger brother. Sarah fell in love with novels when she was a teenager reading her aunt’s historical regency romances. She has always loved the supernatural and exploring the darker side of romance and fantasy novels.

Sarah currently resides in the Scottish Highlands with her husband. Music is one of her biggest inspirations and she always has something on in the background whilst writing. She is an avid gamer and is often found hogging her husband’s Xbox.

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My Review

You know it’s going to end on a cliffhanger….
You know it’s going to be good….
What you don’t expect is the feeling of total loss when you close the book!! 
You live in their world, you eat at their table, you breath the same air they do!!!! 
And now we have to wait FOREVER for the next book!!! (Well October, it just feels like forever) 

This series has five main characters, so don’t expect each book to be about a specific person. They all get their say in each book, we see their points of view, and we get to witness it all through each character. Although we do spend a lot time in West’s head!! (And that is a scary place) 

This series absolutely needs to be read in order, and you definitely need to pick up book one “Carnage”. 
Book one sets the scene and the pace, book two begins to fill in the gaps….
But not too many, we don’t want ALL the secrets just yet!! 

West “War” Greer has loved his Scar from the very first moment he saw her. And we get to see that young love in flashbacks. 
But as the years pass, that love has turned into something darker, something dangerous! She was the only one who really knew and understood him. Is he damaged? Yes. Is he beyond redemption? No, I think he’s lost, and he needs Scarlett more than the others do….

Scarlett is getting more and more of her memories coming back to her, but something is eluding her!
She’s being drawn further into the horsemen’s web, she’s falling for certain characters, she’s also scared/fascinated by others! The lines her family drew concerning the horsemen have blurred, in fact she trusts her family less and less! They are hiding things from her, and it’s not helping their cause.

I really can’t say much more without giving anything away!
But it’s packed full of twists, turns, betrayal and steamy scenes.

I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down till the very end!! I loved the pet names they have for Scarlett, I also love how each horseman is finding it harder and harder to keep to the plan! (A plan I hear you say…. Read book one to find that out) 😉 And I hugged, threw and screamed at my kindle a fair few times reading this book.

This is a hard hitting book, it has many many scenes that could possibly trigger things for people. So PLEASE read the triggers before buying.

Corrode is next, and it’s going to be on my TBR and automatic buy lists. 


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