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Just You & Me: A Steamy Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance (Big Apple Billionaires Series Book 1) by Evelyn Jeannie Hall

“You were like a brother to me, Benji,” she told him, pushing against his chest which had somehow over the years become a solid brick wall.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Kat. I was NEVER your brother. Not ever.”

Benji regrets abandoning the woman he always secretly loved, even if there were extenuating circumstances.Now he seeks to reconnect with her before it’s too late.

When Katrina’s best friend left their tiny hometown for NYC, she had no idea why he cut her out of his life. The thing she fears most is that it’s all her fault and fixing things seems impossible.

Will they attempt to trust one another again and learn from their past mistakes, or has their nine years apart ruined any chance at happiness?

WARNING: this story contains a nerdy guy turned hot billionaire, siblings with zero filters, foul language, and sexy times that may or may not include a fake bow and arrow.

Publication date 31/8/2021

Just You & Me: A Steamy Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance (Big Apple Billionaires Series Book 1) by Evelyn Jeannie Hall
Sizzling romance that tugs at your heartstrings
Evelyn Jeannie Hall writes the kind of steamy contemporary romance that makes you need to grab your significant other. Hopefully, it’ll make you laugh and maybe sniffle along the way, too. Her Big Apple Billionaire series showcases self-made billionaires and the strong and independent love interests who fall for them. For updates and other goodies, follow her on social media @EvelynJeannieHallAuthor and at

My Review

⚠️ trigger warning ⚠️

There is subject matter that might upset a few people, so please be advised.

I love the friends to lovers genre (not as much as enemies to lovers though) and this story did not disappoint. It was full of regrets, misunderstandings, lost opportunities and finding that special someone, oh and a little steam 😉

After being apart for many years, Kat and Benji reconnect, but Benji has always wanted more from Kat, but had kept quiet, and it’s something he’s always regretted. Kat felt the same way about Benji, but never took the chance.

Failed marriages and relationships have made them wary.

But it’s not that easy, misunderstandings have Kat avoiding Benji at first, thinking she was to blame for losing her best friend. But talking resolves a few issues, and they start a tentative friendship. (But secretly pining for one another)

I would have liked a longer story it did feel a little rushed! But I love when they finally plucked up the courage to tell each other how they felt.

This is a new author for me, but I’m definitely interested in continuing with this series. The writer caught all the emotions and brought them to the pages. Loved both Benji and Kat, they were really great characters (and that’s why I wanted more story, when you fall for the characters the book just needs to go on and on)

If you love this genre then this book is definitely for you.


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