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Deacon’s Star: An Orion’s Order Novel (Orion’s Order Book 3) by M.C. Solaris

My Review

It’s finally here. It’s been a year since the last book, and the waiting is finally over….

Deacon is a steorrian (a reader of stars, future past and present are all laid bare for him to read and decipher.) His job in the order is technical and he loves it, information is at the end of his keyboard and he’s a master at ferreting it out. He usually stays at the control Center and helps with the mission (directing and helping) And his gadgets are just brilliant (it’s helping the order immensely) I loved how he interacted with his parents and older brother. And I adored how romantic and loving he is (Starr snap him up will you!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Starr Barringer is your typical loner. Bounty Hunter and general bada$$ chick. But scratch the surface and you find a female that has been hurt so many times it’s safer to be in your own…. Orphaned, and unwanted until a family took her in, but she never really gave them a chance, she couldn’t return the love they showed her! Boyfriend and boyfriend did the dirty, so get in, scratch that itch and get out. But the feelings she has for her “geek” is hard to ignore, and that scares the hell out of her. And as a fire elemental that’s dangerous, it also explains her temper that is quick to fire up.

Deacon and Starr have known each other for ages, the attraction is there, but Starr won’t take it any further! They flirt online, they tease each other with possibilities and they torment themselves with thoughts of how they could be together. In fact in a previous book a kiss was shared! And then she ran away…. And that started the ball rolling, but not in the direction you think it would!!

You could happily read it on its own, but there is so much going in this book. So I would recommend reading books one and two first as there is a backstory that runs through the books, and history that will explain a few things.
We catch up with characters from the previous books, as I said it’s a standalone read, but best read in order as there are ongoing plots. We also have a new story with a twisty plot that I loved. Double agents and spies in the ranks!! 😱 You’ll laugh at the antics the order play on one another, you’ll cry as things don’t look good for certain members of the order. And you’ll definitely cheer in certain parts of the book (see, I said no spoilers 😉). And we get more info on a possible new order member (and dare I say mate for a naughty panther shifter 🙏) No one is left out, you catch up with everyone at some point.

I love these books, all emotions are laid out for the reader to experience. Nothing is left out, is there too much information? (this book is well over 700 pages long!) I don’t think so, if it flows well and there isn’t any filler then I could read books that like all day (I’ve read war and peace, and that’s HUGE!!) I like how everyone is allowed their say and their moment, too often characters have felt stilted or you needed more information. And I loved the dance between Starr and her feelings for Deacon, he knows what he wants, she on the other hand is super cautious, (too cautious as you’ll find out in the book) I don’t want to give anything away, but one thing I will share, and that’s the notes and poems he wrote for Starr, they were just so cute. 💜

This book is also about healing the heart and mind, loving yourself and taking care of those parts. There are mind and body healers in this series, there is fitness and fun (the author is big on those topics but it’s never forced down your throat, rather information is given in story form)

So yes, another looooooong story. But buckle up and enjoy the adventure that is Deacon’s Star. You really won’t regret it. And when you’ve read and fallen in love with all the characters go back and read Calypso’s Heart (my favourite) and Rhyker’s Key.

Oh….. And welcome to ORION’s ORDER 😊


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Excerpt 1

I am done waiting,” Deacon broke the silence, taking a step closer to her. “I’m done being the patient, nice gentlemale.” He took another step. “I don’t care how much time has passed between us. I want you.” Another step. Alarm bells were going off in her brain. “Hell, everyone knows I want you.” Another step. More alarm bells. “You flirt with me but go running in the other direction when it’s more than that. In fact, when it did become more than that, you ran so fast and made sure I wouldn’t follow.” He closed the remaining step between them.

Shit. What was he doing? He was so fired up from the fight and seeing Starr again that he was utterly lost in the sudden eruption of emotions from being mere inches from the apex of his deepest desires.

“This…” He motioned between them, pausing to allow the palpable chemistry dancing between them to finish the thought for him.

She swallowed.

“I’m done being the nice male,” he repeated and before she could blink, he cupped her face and crushed his lips to hers.

Fireworks. There were fireworks going off in her mind and along her nerve endings like it was the Fourth of July at Disneyland. Wow, his lips were demanding and for Hellfire’s sake, how his kiss did things to her. Her lower belly clenched and little shocks of electricity rippled out with each caress of his lips, only to zap awake the most feminine of places.

Stop before it’s too late, she thought, summoning the internal strength to pull back. But her attempts were futile because it was like trying to resist a gravitational force pulling her closer and closer on an inward spiral until she permanently collided with Deacon. Hell, it’s already too late and you know that. It’s been too late since the moment you met. You were just being a fool thinking you could run from this.

Her barriers cracked and she surrendered into the passionate wave of the kiss completely. She dimly remembered her back suddenly being pressed up against a tree while his mouth and hands never broke their connection with her. Moaning, her legs wrapped around his waist as if they were more than desperate to seal his hips to hers.

Without warning, he broke the kiss but his male body still very much remained pressed up against her, and their heavy breaths mixed with one another. As if time stood still, their eyes locked on one another for the longest moment and their conscious minds attempted to catch up and compute the last few passionate moments.

Yeah, it was definitely too late. That was the best kiss of her life—which said things because she never thought the other two that she shared with him would ever be beaten. Screwed. She was so screwed.

Excerpt 2

Damn, he was an amazing kisser. His kisses were what female fantasies were made of. He knew when to take control, go hard, and devour her. But he also knew when to lightly tease and savor, leaving her breathless and all but begging for more. No wonder she had been truly lost since that first kiss in the darkness of the laser tag game. Actually, no. She had already been far too gone even before that moment. But that first kiss was the moment that a place somewhere deep inside of her knew that there was something more (much more) about this male. It told her that this was more than just attraction or a flirtatious game. So, was it any wonder why she was scared out of her skin and all but zoomed off in the other direction like she was being chased by a monster? No, not at all.

With a flirty smile, she adjusted his glasses that had become slightly askew from their kiss.

He smirked, enjoying the grooming attention.

“Race you to the peak,” she announced, making a quick break for it and jogging back through the rock tunnel.

“You know, it’s not about the destination but the journey,” Deacon called out, unable to help but start a slow jog after her with lips curving upward at the corners.

He tightened the backpack’s straps a smidge so it hugged closer to his body and alleviated the backpack from awkwardly bouncing with each step. He did have a couple of things in there he didn’t want jostling around too much. Things that were for part two of this first date.

“Uh-huh. I’ll let the pictures from the top speak for themselves,” she called out over her shoulder, picking up the pace a little.

Chuckling, he followed after her.

Damn, Starr thought, sucking in massive amounts of air with each inhale. Her hands were on her knees and she was recovering from the impromptu race with Deacon to the top. And she was internally damning him because Deacon had actually beat her. She couldn’t even believe it. She knew she was in great shape and her body was well-conditioned for her hunts. And here Deacon was, beating her to the top of Crescent Pointe. The male had some deceptively strong stamina.

I wonder how that stamina is for—

“Here.” Deacon handed her a bottle of water.

Thankfully, her ego appreciated the fact that his chest was heaving in recovery of their mini race. “Thanks,” she panted out, managing to sip some of the water in between breaths.

“Welcome,” he said, doing the same sip and breathe maneuver as her.

After they both caught their breaths, they looked around.

“Holy hellfire. It’s beautiful up here.”

Excerpt 3

“Deacon, wait—”

Without warning, he whirled around and she barely stopped in time before plowing right into him. Face to face, their eyes locked and she saw the heated fire within the blue depths—a heated fire which had her stirring awake in response.

“Wait?” he scoffed.

The word must’ve had some sort of powerful energetic rebound effect because in reaction, she took a couple of steps back to put distance between them. But the motion only seemed to stoke the fire to a blazing inferno in his baby blues.

“Starr, I’m done waiting.”

His words had her inner fire surge… and not in passion. No, not even close. She was now burning with fury as the memory of the species bar, Spiked, swung a mean right hook and forced her to remember seeing him flirt with a female which quickly led to exchanging numbers and then leaving with said female.

She huffed out the most sarcastic and caustic noise. “Oh, you’re done waiting? It didn’t seem like you waited very long, Deacon.”

Deacon’s expression was a mix of confusion and disbelief. “What are you talking about? We danced our little duet for years, Starr.”

“I was there that night, you know.” She still very much had a sting in her tone as if he was lying to her and she was calling him out.

Deacon’s brow furrowed. “What night?”

The fire of fury sparked in her eyes. “Spiked.” When Deacon’s face twisted further in confusion, she added, “The night you invited me to celebrate the closing of Cecille’s case.”

She saw the second that recognition splashed across his face followed by ripples of shock. “Yeah, that’s right.” Her tone was full of prickly accusation. “I saw you talking with that female at the bar.”

“Now wait one moment here,” Deacon asserted, interjecting himself right into the middle of the fiery allegation. “Starr, when I invited you, you not only declined but you made it very clear there was never going to be anything between us.”

And fine, she kind of did. In fact, her exact words were, “Look, I don’t know how much clearer I can make this. There is no we. There is no us. There is no real chance.”

She winced at the memory and how her words had felt like she sliced through her own heart. And she truly didn’t mean to have hurt Deacon. But in the end, she honestly believed that breaking things off before it went any further was best for both of them—okay, best for her.

Author Bio

M.C. Solaris is a storyteller and paranormal romance author of the Orion’s Order series. If you like swoon-worthy males, heroines with feminine strength, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, happy ever afters, and getting sucked into a supernatural story, then you’ll want to immerse yourself in the world of species, starting with Calypso’s Heart, the first book in the Orion’s Order series.

When she is not writing, you’ll find her curled up on the sofa with a PNR novel and one of her three cats or diving into an audiobook at the beach.  You may also find her trolling the aisles of Whole Foods for a satisfying combination of salty and sweet.

Want to get the latest scoop, sneak peeks, and short shares all about her imaginary friends and fantasy worlds? Go to and sign up for the newsletter.

Welcome to The Order! 

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● Q: Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reins of the story? A: Hands down, the characters in my head definitely hold the reins. I often just feel like a scribe, writing down the stories I see in my head that play out like scenes in a movie. That is actually how I began writing the Orion’s Order series, starting with Calypso’s Heart. I woke up one day and began writing bios for my gifted imaginary friends that I met that day. I absolutely love sharing their stories and the magical species world!

Q: Where do your story ideas come from? A: Honestly, I can’t logically explain it. The words and scenes are in my mind and play out like a movie. I know it sounds weird but the stories just… come to me. Some come in vivid dreams. Some come right when I wake up (in that magical state of mind between sleep and awake). Some come when I’m at the grocery store or in the middle of a workout or in meditation. Of course, I take inspiration from everyday life but the stories and characters seem to have a mind of their own and are definitely in the driver’s seat, calling the shots. There’s no plot planning or storyline strategizing for me. Instead, the stories are just in my mind, playing out like a movie and I just write them. I often joke that I just feel like a scribe writing down whatever the stories and characters show me. 😉

Q: Have you written any other books that are not published? A: Does Book 4 of Orion’s Order count? 😉 It is currently in editing and will be released as soon as editing and formatting is done! I also have several stories that are outlined or have the first few chapters written. They are marinating, not quite ready to be finished being written yet. And I am super excited for when the day comes to share these stories with you all!

Q: Do you use Pen/paper or computer/phone to write your notes? A: Shout out to the Notes app on the iPhone! Seriously, I have about a zillion notes in there that house alllll sorts of things to help keep this crazy mind of mine somewhat sane… somewhat being the key word there. 😉 Random story ideas, scenes, characters, words and conversations, etc. come to me at all hours of the day. I immediately write them down in the Notes app. Then, at some later time, I transfer the notes to these word documents that I refer to as my author bibles. Oh, and I should also give an honorable mention to those ancient inventions called Sticky Notes and a pen for those times I am quickly jotting down a random as hell note about something one of the characters decided to show me when my phone or laptop are not nearby. 😉

Q: How long does it take you to write a book? A: Good question! As a brand new author, I feel like the answer to this question will morph slightly as I continue to write, learn, grow, and get into a natural rhythm that works for me. Also, I think it might be helpful to call out that the books I’ve written thus far are quite longer than the standard (clocking in around 700 pages each book).○ With that in mind, I wrote Calypso’s Heart in 5 months (but boy the editing process was a long learning process!). I wrote Rhyker’s Key in 6 months (editing process was a little less than book 1). I wrote Deacon’s Star in 7 months (I’m realizing editing is a long journey for me LOL!). And finally, Orion’s Order book 4 first draft was written in 7 months (and, again, I’m hoping the editing will be even better this time around too). ○ Wait, I almost forgot that I recently wrote a short story (about 45K words) and it took me two weeks to write the first draft! This book is currently in editing and will be a part of Midnight Magic, a multi-author box set that’s currently available to pre-order!

Q: What are some of your writing/publishing goals for the remainder of 2021? A: I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot recently as we’re a little over halfway through the year. So, here goes: 💜To practice self-love with my creative expression in the form of storytelling. 💜To remind myself of a healthy balance with author life and personal life. 💜To publish Rhyker’s Key audiobook (in the works!). 💜To perhaps try and publish a little something special (*cough* an insider’s guide *cough* around the holidays)

Q: What do you like to do when you are not writing/being an author? A: Reading romance novels (duh!), eating yummy foods (double duh!), walking on the beach (while listening to audiobooks, of course), and swimming in the ocean (unfortunately, haven’t figured out to listen to audiobooks while in the water but I’ve certainly tried and ruined many earbuds lol!). Oh, and playing with my fur-babies (3 cats who love to run around with a random spurt of energy at 4am lol 😉

Q: Do you see yourself in your characters? A: In some ways and with certain characters, yes, I do see some relatable similarities. But there are also many qualities and characteristics that are wholeheartedly not me too. For example, in Calypso’s Heart, Caly and I both love music, morning drinks, and romance books (Oh, and we both love the hot alpha wolf, Blake! 😉 ). And in Rhyker’s Key, we learn about just how much yoga, dance, and mindfulness play an integral part of Keena’s life—which I most certainly relate to. And in Deacon’s Star, we get to see Starr’s independence in action and when she specifically mentions how she likes to drive to places or parties and not rely on anyone for a ride home, I totally relate to that. On the other hand, Caly, Keena, and Starr all live alone, which I’ve never done nor do I foresee myself ever doing! And without giving away their stories, I think Caly, Keena, and Starr make some decisions that I don’t think I would ever do. 😉

Q: Are any of the characters based on real people you know? A: I would say that overall there are some characters and events that are definitely inspired by things in the real world, including similar characteristics, tendencies, experiences, etc. However, one of the characters in particular, Starr, does share quite a bit in common with my sister, best friend, and amazing singer/songwriter, K’sa or Marchesa. They aren’t the same person in my mind and they don’t share everything in common but certainly the strong similarities between them exist. Not only is Starr’s physical characteristics based on my sister but they are also both fiery and independent alpha females that are unapologetically blazing their own way through the world. My sister is most definitely aware of this and we often joke about it all the time—to the point where I often call her Starr-chesa whenever she says or does something that I feel is just “so Starr.”

Q: Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans? A: A big, fat, teary-eyed THANK YOU!!! Seriously, thank you! And somehow those two powerful words full of love and gratitude don’t even feel like enough. Thank you for your support, encouragement, inspiration, interest, excitement, emojis, gifs, comments, reviews, smiles, laughs… all of it and more! Oh, and of course, thank you for all of the incredible conversations and messages all about the Orion’s Order crew of sexy as sin males and awesome females and of course the resident fur baby Felix, and the supernatural world of species So, in case I haven’t said this enough, THANK YOU! The crew and I love each of you very much! 🙂

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