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Kindle Review…. His Temporary Manny: An M/M Mpreg Romance (Manny’s Mannies Book 10) by Lorelei M. Hart📱

His Temporary Manny: An M/M Mpreg Romance (Manny’s Mannies Book 10) by Lorelei M. Hart

And then there was the time Manny became the manny…

Widowed omega Kristoff is in over his head. His manny decided it was the perfect time to follow his dreams and backpack through Europe for a month just as Kristoff’s job is in the midst of a major restructuring, requiring insane hours. He calls Manny, pleading for help when no one answers his ad, not that he blames them. It had been hard enough to get a manny when it was just the triplets and now? Now he had the addition of their three cousins after the death of their mother. 

Please let someone be crazy enough to take the job.

Alpha Manny works hard to connect the perfect manny to each of his clients. It works—often too well. He’s lost more mannies to marriage than all other reasons combined. When Kris calls, he scours his lists, places ads, does everything to find the perfect match, but there just isn’t one. Six kids is a lot on a good day, but when three of them are still in diapers and have recently suffered a tragic loss, it was beginning to feel impossible. Manny refuses to give up. He will take the job temporarily until the perfect match comes along. It would be a week or two tops.

When Manny and Kristoff meet, their chemistry is instant, but Manny has been there…done that. After a bad breakup and more heartache than he ever wants to endure again, he has a rule, no dating people with children, and he’s stuck by it. Breaking up sucks. Breaking up and losing the kids in your life…that is a whole different level of misery. He isn’t going through that again even if Kristoff has him feeling things he never had before. Nope. Not going to happen.
If only emotions were that easy.

His Temporary Manny is the final installment of the popular sweet with knotty heat contemporary mpreg romance Manny’s Mannies series. It features Manny, who fills in as a manny…just for the month, an omega who has unexpectedly had his household double, creative triplets who keep them on their toes, three cousins in need of a home, a mother cat and her adorable kittens, and a family built on the best thing of all—love. If you love your alphas hawt, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, this book is for you.

Publication date 2/11/2020
Reading Order:

Manny’s Mannies Series:

The Omega’s Alpha Manny: Book 1

The Alpha’s Mentor Manny: Book 2

The Professor’s Omega Manny: Book 3

Saved by the Manny: Book 4

Completed by Their Manny: Book 5

His Miracle Manny: Book 6

His Surprise Husband Manny: Book 7

His Adventurous Manny: Book 8

His Talented Manny: Book 9

His Temporary Manny: Book 10

My Review….. 
I’ve not read any of the previous books, but reading this one, I’m going to go back and read them. 
They were cute, they were fun, they take you away from your troubles (if only for a little while) 
Manny owns and runs his “Manny’s Mannies” (male nannies) childcare business, he matches families with the right Manny, and so far he’s had brilliant success, in fact it’s more like a dating agency (many of his mannies have fallen in love with the family and the parent) so his books are looking a little sparse at the moment! 
But that’s not his only concern, he’s picking up vibes from his partner at the moment, so it’s time to sit down and talk, see if everything is ok. But Manny gets more than he bargains for…..
The house is empty, his boyfriend has left him, and taken his kids! Manny is devastated! He might not be their biological father, but he loved them like his own! 
He’s heartbroken! So from now on, Manny is concentrating on his business….. 

Kristoff is coping with the household, we’ll just about. Thank goodness he’s got such a great manny, oh wait! The manny is off on a trip of a lifetime! He’s happy for him, but that leaves him with six children to care for! 
Kristoff is a single dad of triplets, the other three boys belong to his dead husbands twin sister. 
So what with his grief, his loss of family and his job dumping extra work on him, Kristoff hasn’t had a moment to catch his breath. And now his childcare is leaving him!!! 

Manny and Kristoff hit it off instantly, Manny is competent, organised and a whizz in the kitchen. Kristoff can now concentrate on his job, but it just doesn’t hold the same appeal as it use to! But bills need paying, and so Kristoff has to suck it up and carry on….. 
As time ticks on, both the men are drawn to one another, but neither need the heartbreak again, so it’s easier if its left to employer/employee. But friendship ensues, how can they not like one another, they work well together. 
But Manny can’t get involved again, it would break his heart, and he knows Kristoff is still mourning his dead husband. 

Ok. I’m a little confused, I’ve read mpreg books before, I’ve read alpha and omega books before. But they are usually shifters, as far as I’m aware, both Kristoff and Manny are humans (but to be fair it’s paranormal romance) oh …… I think I’ve just answered my own question!! 
So….. if your looking for a fun mpreg book, I’d recommend this one happily. 


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