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FEAST: A Rough and Twisted Sci-Fi Romance  by Lizzy Bequin

FEAST: A Rough & Twisted Sci-Fi Romance  by Lizzy Bequin


Captured. Caged. Consumed.

All my life, I’ve known there was something wrong with me.

I don’t fit into this world. I don’t belong. There is no other creature in this wilderness that looks quite like me.

Then the ukkur come for me, and everything changes.

Four brutal warriors, their massive bodies bulging with muscles and striped with battle scars. I fear them. The sounds of their bestial growls make my blood run cold.

But they stir other feelings too. A painful yearning deep inside my core. A feeling my simple language cannot begin to explain.

They say I belong to them now. I am their new pet. Their plaything.

They will savagely examine every inch of my body, inside and out, until my throat is sore from screaming and my legs are too weak to stand.

If I disobey, they will punish me.

If I try to run, they will hunt me down.

But if I finally surrender, perhaps these monsters hold the keys to unlock my body’s secrets. Perhaps they can show me what I really am…

My Review…….

A feast for the senses. It had me gripped!!
Not my usual read, but the cover caught my eye, and the blurb caught my interest. Trying out new genres are always a risk. But it’s one I’m glad i took. So ……… 

The story starts off with a human female running from an abattoir, but not of animal flesh! The flesh being killed and consumed is human! The “butchers” are Nith (aliens that look distinctly animal like) and they have a cargo delivered to them…..

Reading the beginning, I had hoped it would be of mother and child, but sadly that’s not the case! 

I loved Ika, she had a child like quality to her, her innocence catches you, and when her innocent thoughts turn into lustful thoughts (although she doesn’t know the meaning) you have to wonder where it will take her. She’s been brought up by her protector Rolf, there is no sexual interaction between those characters, it’s more of a father and daughter role. She’s only ever known Rolf, he’s taught her everything, and she loves and trusts him implicitly. 
But one day she spies on her “father” and the Ukkur (another form of alien life form) trading, she’s notices they are like her father, but different from her. She’s curious, and that curiosity is going to get her into trouble…. 

The “beasts” that capture and contain our heroine are beasts in every sense (shifter book usually look like animals, but turn into humans, they don’t retain any physical attributes like tusks!) 

Thursar, Gunnar, Slaine and Muk live in a group, it’s easier to fight and hunt in a group, Gunnar is the brains of the group, Muk is the youngest and can usually make them all smile, especially Slaine, whose good for a warrior, but has a darkness in him that most Ukkur’s don’t. Leaving leadership to Thursar.
Ukkur aren’t your usual alien life forms, they were created as slaves by the Nith! Fully formed and ready to work for their masters. But the Ukkur were rebelling, forming pockets of resistance and escaping their masters. 

The interaction between Ika and the four warriors is a little strange…. it gives the impression that the Ukkur are innocence too, they don’t have females (no need they are made not born) and they have a childlike process about them (they are slaves, they aren’t educated) 
But the feelings they have for Ika isn’t childlike and it’s very foreign to them. But they won’t give up their prize, Gunnar wants to study her, Muk is wary of her, Slaine just grunts at her, and Thursar, well he has all kinds of thoughts about her!!! 

As I said, a very different type of book. It’s more SciFi/horror with a little romance thrown in (not sure romance is the word I’d use!) 

But don’t let the name of the book put you off, it’s good story, a little rough around the edges, but maybe it’s suppose to be rough, Ika wasn’t born on earth, she was brought up as an Ukkur, and they were created, so a whole lot of different circumstances. 

I’d love a series, you want more human and Ukkur matings. 
And you want an uprising against the Nith, and you want the humans on earth (those who decide who is transported to the alien planet) to pay for their crimes. 


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