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Kindle Review…. Unveiling (Mythical Creatures Series Book 1) by Zel Winter 

Unveiling (Mythical Creatures Series Book 1) by Zel Winter 


Dan Noble is an old Vampire, perhaps the oldest in the world. One night on the prowl, he is inexplicably drawn to a plain-looking university student. But Nina Wright is not as boring as she seems: she meets Dan’s charm with the allure of her own, and the two share an unforgettable night. When Dan tries and fails to compel Nina to forget their encounter, he suspects that she is no ordinary human. And when a gang of bloodthirsty vampires singles her out for a vicious kidnapping, he realizes the girl he has fallen head over heels for may very well be a Human Immortal, a being of awesome power. Nina will be able to reclaim her supernatural gifts if she chooses a mate of her own lineage, Nature’s Immortals: a Dragon, Were, or Fae. As a Vampire, Dan would only stand in the way of her destiny. 

Will he find the courage to give up his true love just as soon as he has found her?

Unveiling is Book 1 of the Mythical Creatures Series, in which powerful Immortal beings battle for justice in a magical world just beyond the veil of our own.

Publication date 18/11/2020

My Review….. 

Dan is a vampire. Now, in this book his vampire side seems to be a separate entity, the vampire side can exist on bagged blood and animal blood, but insists on the real thing once a week! Dan agrees, but the victim has to be of his choosing. I get the impression, Dan likes them attractive, interesting and easy. 

Nina is looking for a job on campus, it seems she wants to go to school in this area. But she’s running out of time, meeting a stranger and having a drink with him isn’t in the schedule, but one orange juice won’t hurt, and he’s a cute guy.  
Meeting Nina in a bar, at first glance she is nothing like Dan’s usual type! But her smell is so unique and alluring that he decides she’s going to be his next meal! 
But getting Nina to agree isn’t as easy as he thinks, she’s not sure, she feisty and she’s no fool. 
But with a little charm and good luck they have a drink, pay her dorm fees and then decide on dinner……
I loved the mythology the author has created at the beginning of the book. 
Who the mythical creatures are created, how the humans feared them, and now human females hold inside them great power. 
We get they have sex, we don’t get the details, so I’d say it’s geared towards the YA bracket. 
Dan tries to make Nina forget their time together, but for the first time ever it doesn’t work! But before he can figure it out, Nina is kidnapped!! 
Nina is just wondering what the hell is going on, a drink with a total stranger and now she’s tied up and headed god knows where, could her day get any worse? 
Dan manages to track Nina down. Rescues her, but now she’s frightened! She doesn’t understand why she was taken.
He now has the unpleasant task of telling her she’s an immortal and has gifts that no mere human has, but to tap into them she needs to mate with a supernatural, but one of her bloodline (were, fae, dragon) 
Nina wants to know why she can’t mate a vampire, Dan is both pleased and annoyed (well the vamp side of him is annoyed) pleased she’s listening, but annoyed she’s not going to be with him! 

Setting off to see the elders is the only course of action left open to Nina, she’s intrigued, who would’ve want to become immortal? But sad it won’t be with Dan! But who says she has to mate? It’s her choice, but her past is what motivates her to meet the elders. 

It is a little immature in places (reminds me of the twilight series) as an adult I liked the premise, I thought the narration was good. An adult version probably would have been more graphic (sex scenes ) 
But I’m interested in finding out more in this world. 
Meeting the elders is another level of weird. She’s being prompted to meet and mate! But Nina only wants Dan…. 

So can Dan and Nina really be together? It would be simpler to mate one of her kind, but that wouldn’t make for a good story now would it? 
And the story is pretty good. 
Written really well, descriptions jump out from the page. 
Nina and Dan are really well thought out. Dan becoming dust to travel, using mind control and having a separate entity living inside him, some ideas are tried and tested, others are new ideas and really clever. 
So sign me up for the next adventure, it’s going to be a good one I think. 
Why? Well ….. no your going to have to read the book to find out why. 

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