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Vampire in the Kitchen: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Raising Hell Downunder Book 5) by Rhiannon Hartley


Vampire chef + corporate shifter = a recipe for bliss?

Or will this pair just cook up trouble?

Between the demands of his job, and his team-building obsessed boss, wolf shifter Eric is just trying to make it to Friday. Romance is the last thing on his mind, until a chance meeting changes everything.

His childhood friend’s little sister is all grown up and he can’t help but notice her. She’s gorgeous, gregarious, and – apparently – newly undead.

Sous Chef Sophie was blissfully unaware of Sydney Australia’s paranormal underworld…

…until she became a part of it.

It’s going to take more than black pudding to satisfy this former foodie’s newfound bloodlust. Luckily, Eric, her older brother’s best friend, has come back into her life just in time to help her deal with this unexpected turn of events.

When sparks fly between the two, Eric’s ready to forget the promise he once made his best friend to never make a move on his sister.

But happily ever after is an eternal commitment for a vampire. Can this solitary wolf shifter prove he’s worthy of Sophie’s forever?

Vampire in the Kitchen is a standalone romance with big laughs, no cliff-hangers, and a guaranteed HEA. This is the feel-good, friends-to-lovers story you’ve been waiting for!

Get it now.

Vampire in the Kitchen: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Raising Hell Downunder Book 5) by Rhiannon Hartley

Publication date 6/9/2021


What a fun read, totally different from most supernatural books I’ve read, a lighthearted and charming book.

I Loved his best friends (Benji, james and Damien), they were funny, but really supportive of both Eric and one another.

Moving back to the town he grew up in was going to prove strange, but with the support of his friends it’s not really going to be a problem. Will it?

I liked Eric, unlike most most werewolves I’ve read, he’s not Uber arrogant. He’s a nice guy, and really supportive.

Sophie is a chef, loves her food and her job. Seeing her family

Sophie is a great character, very funny and such a positive person. She manages to spin most things into a positive.

So how will she cope when her cravings for raw meat and  blood become a problem?

Her best friends Mike and Kristen were great, supporting her when she needed it the most.

Laughed through most of this book, I loved the inventive ways Sophie combined her new love of raw meats and blood. And I had to chuckle at the way Eric and his friends bantered with one another.

Both Eric and Sophie have history, his best friends are her brothers, but it’s been a while since they’ve seen one another.

Sophie goes to a party, meets an enigmatic stranger…..

Wakes up the next morning with a blurred memory and a headache/hangover.

From there in, things take a strange turn….

When Eric and Sophie meet up both are surprised at the feelings they have.

Misunderstandings stand in the way of them getting to know one another. Until an incident changes their circumstances.

So can Eric and his Wolf teach Sophie all about the supernatural world? And will he listen to his Wolf and claim his HEA?

This is from an ongoing series. But it can be read without reading the others. I have to read any of the previous book, but I’m definitely interested in reading more from this author.

Arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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