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Lyon’s Roar: Zodiac Assassins Book 1 by Artemis Crow


Twelve Zodiac Assassins. 

Forged in the Darkness of the InBetween, 
Ruled by the Shadow Side of their Stars, 
The Only Hope for the Light of Humanity. 

The InBetween, a subterranean haven created by the goddess Hecate for persecuted paranormals and ruled by twelve formerly-human princes, has been hidden for centuries, their numbers growing, and their hatred for humans festering. So when paranormal children are stolen, and the evidence implicates humans, the paranormals are called to rise out of the darkness and into the light to get retribution. 

Imprisoned, with the demon soul attached to his own soul close to taking permanent possession, Zodiac Assassin Lyon jumps at the chance to earn his freedom by retrieving three women from the human world. But when the other Zodiacs try to steal his prize, Lyon must secure the women and run. 

When foundling Persephone Payne is attacked by one man then rescued by Lyon, the monster plaguing her nightmares, she is thrust into a supernatural world beyond imagining and forced to rely on Lyon to protect her and her sisters by choice, not by blood. But, can she safeguard her heart from him? 

After Persephone’s fate is finally revealed, Lyon must choose between the reclamation of his soul or saving her and the love he doesn’t believe he deserves.

Zodiac Assassins series

Lyon’s Roar Book 1

Leona’s Descent Book 2

Libra’s Limbo Book 3

Leona’s Cage Book 4

Gemini Asunder Book 5

Publication date 15/12/2020

Lyon’s Roar: Zodiac Assassins Book 1 by Artemis Crow

My Review 

This is the first book in a new series and new author for me. 

This story is set in a world not unlike ancient times. But it’s inhabitants aren’t human.  

The goddess Hecate created this works for the paranormals that were persecuted by humans. 

They hide away, they stay away from human. They aren’t to be trusted! 

Persephone never expected to be a casualty of war! But being captured and terrorised by creatures from her nightmares have her questioning her sanity! 

She’s nothing special, and nor are her friends (well they are more like sisters) so she can’t understand why she’s being fought over! 

There has to be an explanation….

Lyon is a warrior (a little like a gladiator) fighting to please the crowds! Raised to do as he’s told. 

So when he’s sent out to capture three human woman by his father, Lyon doesn’t know why, and at first doesn’t really care. 

The author brought this world to life with her descriptive words. 

It ms the first book in the series, so a lot of the book is dedicated to building a story and background for the characters. 

But it doesn’t get bogged down with too much information. 

The sights and sounds were captured for me to enjoy and wince at. 

The characters were just amazing, I really liked Persephone. 

Lyon took a little time to warm up to. 

The story starts off strong and continues all the way to the last page. 

Mystery surrounds the reasons why Persephone and her friends were taken. 

There are two sides that are looking to claim her. 

Loved the interaction between Persephone and Lyon.

Lyon doesn’t think he’s good enough for love, and has a hard time believing anything this good can last! 

If you like your book with plenty of steam, then I think there will be enough to keep you entertained. 

Persephone and Lyon become a force to be reckoned with, but is he doing this for the greater good? Or will he still have her and her friends over to his father? 

If he does, then he gets his soul back, but he loses his new found love forever!! 

That was a pretty good first book, and I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. 



For Artemis Crow, it all started with the title, “The Zodiac Assassins”. From there, the subterranean world of the InBetween formed and grew. Many unique species appeared, their origins woven out of mythology and religion, brought to life by the belief that anything is possible.

Artemis spends her waking hours traveling through the world of the Zodiac Assassins, and writing about the rich tapestry living in the undiscovered darkness beneath our feet. In her dreams she walks beside the males as they fight against the shadow side of their stars to overcome the adversities that formed who they are, to become, maybe not whole men, but at least less damaged.

Artemis Crow lives in the northeast with a tolerant husband, two Dobermans, and a German Shepherd. When Artemis isn’t gazing at the stars, and thinking about infinite possibilities, she’s busy writing the next book in the Zodiac Assassins series. For more information about the Zodiac Assassins and their world, visit Artemis at For cool imagery that inspired the Zodiacs, the InBetween and the paranormal creatures, be sure to check out the Pinterest page,

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