Complicate (Deliver Book 9) by Pam Godwin


Cole Hartman is a mystery.
He works alone, sleeps alone, and satisfies his aches…alone. He hasn’t touched a woman in seven years.
No one will ever compare to the one who broke his heart.
Until he stares into the seductive eyes of his enemy.
He finally meets his match in the redheaded Russian spy.
But she’s a dangerous risk. His obsession with her leaves him only one choice.

If you love something, let it go.
If it doesn’t kill you, hunt it down and take it.

TAKE (#5)

The books in the DELIVER series are standalones, but they must be read in order.

Complicate (Deliver Book 9) by Pam Godwin

My Review

I didn’t read the advisement the author gives, I went straight to book 9 in the series….

What a mistake to make!!

Don’t get me wrong, the book was absolutely amazing. A journey that had my emotions running from sadness to OMG to damn that’s hot!! I couldn’t put the book down….

So, going in blind I hadn’t met Cole before, I know of some of his background but I didn’t know it all. I know he met a woman and fell in love, he lost her, they reconnected then he left her again!! Even reading that had me in tears, I was gutted for both Cole and Danni as they said goodbye…..

We then jump to the future, and Cole is on active duty with the Freedom fighters, a team of extraordinary people who fight injustice and take out the people who think they are above the law.

Lydia is a Russian spy, her mission…. Nope I can’t tell you that. But needless to say she is instrumental in the capture of Cole, then helps him to escape. The tables are turned when Cole makes it clear she is under his protection. And it’s not long till she’s under him😉

Cole isn’t interested in Lydia as a woman, his heart is still frozen, his emotions are tightly locked down. But slowly she thaws that heart and unlocks his feelings, and once they are freed they aren’t going back in.

Lydia is an amazing character, such a great partner for Cole. She doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone.

There is an ongoing backstory, I did feel a little out of the loop, but most of it is rehashed for us. But missing how they all come together left me on the outside looking in. The camaraderie that they all have is something I want to know more of.

The ending…. That was just perfect, how the team were there for him and how Lydia became an asset. And the connection that is between Cole and Lydia is stronger than even Cole and Danni (but that’s my opinion) 😉

I’m definitely going back to the start. I need to meet the younger version of Cole, I’d like to read how the rest of his team formed. So I’m going to recommend this book, but I’m also going to tell you to start at the beginning.


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