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Cocky Jock Wolf: A Curvy Girl and Wolf Shifter College Sports Romance (Big Wolf on Campus Book 1) by Aidy Award and Piper Fox


Nerdy, chubby girls don’t date quarterbacks… or werewolves.

I just want one night off of being the all-star golden boy that the whole world, including my pack, expects great
things from. Is it too much to ask to go watch my favorite horror movies and eat popcorn?
Apparently it is.
I just might get my chance if this cute AF nerdy book girl at the bar plays defense for me. As long as I don’t let my wolf get a whiff of her ripe delicious scent. The last thing I need to add onto my plate is a fated mate.

Go on a date or get fired – that’s the ultimatum from my boss at the Moon Bean coffee shop. But I picked a real jerk and now I’m stuck at the bar with him.
I don’t need anyone to save me, but a smart girl recognizes a good escape plan when she kisses one.
It’s not like I’m going to fall for a jock with more notches on his belt than books on his shelf. But Eli is more than that and I’m developing some crazy feelings for him.
That is until he turns into a werewolf straight out of a horror movie.

Cocky Jock Wolf is a fated mates New Adult paranormal romance with a nerdy, dirty, cute, and curvy girl and the captain of the football team (who is secretly a wolf shifter!)

Publication date 16/9/2021

Cocky Jock Wolf: A Curvy Girl and Wolf Shifter College Sports Romance (Big Wolf on Campus Book 1) by Aidy Award and Piper Fox

My Review 

Eli might be the school jock, he maybe the next alpha of his Wolf pack, but Eli just wants a little peace and a quiet beer! Rescuing a cutie wasn’t in his agenda. But witnessing her humiliation at the hands of an idiot is just too much for Eli to witness. He’s going to put the dude in his place!!

Charlize thinks the night is going to be a mistake. And she proven right! Her date insults her one too many times! On the verge of leaving, Charlize gets rescued by a hot hunk! And it turns out to be none other than the high school football hero. 

The book then moves at a pretty fast pace. It’s a short story, so we don’t have time for long walks and deep conversation 😂 and anyway his Wolf knows what it wants, even if Eli is fighting the instincts to mate and mark this gorgeous creature! 

I love this authors writing, add in Piper Fox (who I’ve not read before) and it’s a fun and steamy read. You are always guaranteed a laugh with Aidy’s books, and this one is no exception. A chubby nerdy girl gets rescued by the school jock (who’s a bit of a secret nerd) and is then introduced into a new world (and that’s including the supernatural world of Wolf shifters!)

I love the internal dialogue that both the MC’s do. It had me chuckling throughout the book. 

A short read but packs in lots of story. It’s also the start of a new series. 

Bring on the next book 😉



Aidy award
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Piper Fox Piper Fox writes short steamy paranormal romances for sassy, strong-willed women who love sexy alpha men, fated mates, and insta-love. When she’s not writing… oh, who is she kidding, she’s always writing or reading in her favorite genres – paranormal and sci-fi romance. Get a free book from her every month by joining her Foxy Reads at

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