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New Release/arc Review/book tour

His Dream (The Wounded Souls Series) by LEAH SHARELLE.


Zachariah ‘Doc’ Keiffer was raised to go after his dreams.
Successful career in the army—check.
Beautiful girlfriend—check. Everything was going to plan—until it wasn’t.
Injured and medically discharged with a girlfriend unable to accept his injuries, Doc turned to
the people and place he knew where he had a chance to be part of a brotherhood again.
Finally, he once more had a purpose—with the Wounded Souls MC. Life was going well until
she happened. His dream.

Meagan Steel was born to be a princess. Growing up as the daughter of the Wounded Souls
VP, she never doubted she was loved and adored. Her MC family was everything to her, she
loved them beyond measure, but there was always something missing. Meagan wanted
what her beloved parents had together, and she wanted it with the newly appointed
president of the Wounded Souls Queenscliff chapter.
Doc wanted her, that much Meagan knew. Transferring closer to the new compound,
Meagan knew the risks she was taking. Doc had more troubles than just his new position,
his life was complicated, to say the least. Not only that, she may not live long enough to get
that first kiss she had been dreaming about, once her father finds out his firstborn is lusting
after a biker.

Publication date 18/9/2021

His Dream (The Wounded Souls Series) by LEAH SHARELLE.

My Review

This is a spin off from the original Wounded Souls series. I haven’t read any of the previous books, and I don’t think it makes too much of a difference, but I did feel like an outsider, so I’m definitely going back to visit the first series.

Zachariah ‘Doc’ Keiffer is having issues!! Moving to a new chapter of Wounded Souls should have been simple. It’s not simple, it’s a total mess!! And he’s not sure what to do…..

Meagan is daughter to the Wounded Souls chapter, she’s loved by everyone and each member would glad lay their life down for her. But she wants to be more than daughter of a bad biker. Moving away seems like the answer. Moving to a new chapter in the Wounded Souls biker community seems like the obvious choice. 

OMG!! This couple was just adorable. Their romance has been brewing for a while, and now they are away from Meagan’s parents, anything could and will happen. Doc is ex military, injured badly enough to scar, he’s sent home, where he’s left by his girlfriend! She can’t cope with his scars!! Feeling lost and adrift, he becomes a biker, he’s finally found somewhere he belongs.

There is humour in this book, there is sadness, there is also a little angst (Doc keeps pushing her away!) and definitely chemistry between the main characters. I’m also loving the supporting characters, especially Battle, I’m sure he has a good story to tell😉 

It is a little slow in places, but keep reading, it’s such a good story. I did like the fact Doc is unaware of Meagan’s feelings until she says she’s had enough and is going to go…… 

I can’t wait to see who is next, and I’m definitely going back to read the first series. 

The ending wasn’t what I was expecting, and that made it interesting enough to continue


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