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There’s Something about Molly by Christina Hovland


Molly Princeton hasn’t met the right guy. Yes, she’s a dating coach. But she’s also a single mom with a rocky relationship history. She may be able to help others find love, but she doesn’t really need it in her life. Happiness doesn’t require falling in love. Winning a matchmaker competition however requires being part of a couple. And darn it, she needs to win this one. That’s when she sets her sights on Gavin Frank—the one man she would absolutely never fall in love with.

Gavin is her nemesis, her best friend’s ex, and yeah, okay, he’s sexy as sin. He’s also off limits. But she’s out of other options. Plus Gavin could use a fake relationship to keep his meddling mother from setting up blind dates with every available woman in the Mile High City. There’s no way he’d fall for Molly. None. Nada.

The two quickly learn there’s a thin line between hate and love, and she finds herself tipping onto the wrong side. For the first time, she doesn’t have all the answers. What the heck is she supposed to do next? Lucky for her, Gavin realizes there’s something about Molly he can’t resist…

Each book in the Mommy Wars series is STANDALONE:

* Rachel, Out of Office
* There’s Something About Molly
* April May Fall
* Everything’s Fine, Emmaline

There’s Something about Molly by Christina Hovland

Publication date 20/9/2021

My Review

Molly being a dating coach would have all the answers to the perfect relationship, well you’d think that. But it’s far from being that easy, having a child and an ex that it’s a hands on father takes up a lot of Molly’s time. So Molly doesn’t have the time or the energy for a relationship most days, so she’s resigned herself to the fact she’s going to be a single mum forever…. But winning a dating competition may help with her business and her love life, she can put into practice all her knowledge. She just needs a partner.

Gavin doesn’t want another “blind date” nor does he need his mother to “fix” his love life. Being married to Rachel didn’t end well, the only thing to come out of that marriage was his child, whom he loves very much. He goes work to do as he let both his parenting and husband duties slide.

They don’t exactly get along, Molly thinks Gavin is a lazy ex and bad dad. And can’t see past that. Gavin thinks Molly is cute, but couldn’t see him dating her as she’s the ex’s friend! That would be weird. Right?
Both need a partner, Gavin to escape his matchmaking mother and Molly needs to win a dating competition, so reluctantly they agree to “date” one another. What could go wrong?
But the more time they spend together, the more they see each other in a different light. They have to keep reminding themselves why it’s only fake dating. Gavin sees another side to Molly, her persona on her web chats is totally different from the real Molly. And he’s falling hard for the real one.

This is the second book in the series, and I read and loved the first one (Rachel, Out of office) but there is no need to read it to enjoy this one. Met both Molly and Gavin in the last book, and I loved Molly already. Gavin was a different story, he seemed to be an errant dad and husband and just not a great character, so I was surprised to find out he was getting a story. But with most books you only get one side of the story. And by the time I’d finished this book I was totally in the “Gavin camp”

The book has its funny moments, and a few serious ones too. I loved the segments Molly did for her dating show, most of them did have me chuckling. Secondary characters are great too, loved Molly and Gavin’s kids. We get to see the previous characters from the last book. Agnes and Charlie were just great.

A beach or home recommendation for this one. Easily read in one sitting, and it will leave you with a big smile.


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