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Apathy (Secrets of Winworth) Book 1 by L.K. Reid

Apathy (Secrets of Winworth) Book 1 by L.K. Reid


There were sicknesses in this world even holy water couldn’t wash away.

In vicious nights, beautiful monsters lay.
Some with faces known, some ready to play.
Unsure of a friend, unsure of a foe,
Be certain of nothing you think you know,

Because what once enters Winworth, never leaves again.

Skylar Blackwood thought she knew what monsters looked like.
But in Winworth, nothing is what it seems.

Not the arrival of a stranger with eyes that see too much, and lips that taste like danger.
Not the young women who begin disappearing in the night.
And certainly not the people in the sleepy town she grew up in that begin to turn on one another.

One truth is undeniable, something wicked is loose in Winworth.
No one is safe, and trusting the wrong person could cost Skylar everything.

Trapped between the two worlds as secrets start to unravel, what little sanity Skylar has left threatens to shatter, leaving her with more questions than answers.

Turns out, real monsters are never what they seem.

My Review

Welcome to Winworth …. Your here until the mystery is solved…. you won’t be leaving for a while…. So buckle up and dive in…..

My goodness that was good.I’ve read this author before and loved her Rapture Series (waiting on tender hooks for book three!!)

But Winworth is totally different from that series, yes it’s dark, yes we are left with a cliffhanger (and boy that smacked me in the heart well and truly!!)
Winworth is a town with LOADS of secrets, no one is above suspicion, and everyone is hiding something!!

You’ll feel feel for the heroine of this book. Skyler is a mess! Drowning out her pain and grief (we don’t know the full story yet) the best way she can, drugs play a big part of her life, it’s the only way she can get through her day!! Watching her spiralling out of control is heartbreaking! You just want to take her away from this toxic situation!

I haven’t made my mind up about Ash yet! He arrives in town shrouded in mystery. Is he here to help or harm both the town and Skyler? He quickly gets involved with Skyler and her friends, again why?

You are left with questions that you hope book two will resolve for you. And you’ll be left wondering until the next book comes out….

I’m highly recommending this author and this highly addictive read. I couldn’t put it down until I’d read the whole book!


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